Mary Ridley Makepeace


A ward on the Hospital Ship Spartan, Sister Makepeace in charge

While browsing through copies of the Black and White Budget from 1900 I came across some photographs of the nurses on the Hospital Ship Spartan. Unusually the nurses are named. One of them, Sister Mary Ridley Makepeace was a nurse in my Boer War database who was also one of the Boer War veterans to serve in WW1, retiring in … Read More

MAKEPEACE, Mary Ridley

Biography Mary Ridley Makepeace was born on the 7th January 1860, in Newcastle-on-Tyne. She was privately educated and entered nurse training at the London Hospital in August 1890. She completed a two-ryear certificate and then had a short spell as a staff nurse at the Throat Hospital, before moving to a post at Croydon General Hospital1. Nursing in the Victorian … Read More

CAMERON, Anna Gardiner

Biography Anna Gardiner CAMERON was born on March 25th, 1855. She enlisted in the Army Nursing Service on June 13th, 1891. Nursing Service in Victorian Wars Sister Cameron served in Egypt during the campaign there 1. Nursing Service in the Boer War Sister Cameron served as a member of the Army Nursing Service during the Boer War, and was based … Read More

ANDERSON, Adela Catherine Letitia

Biography Adela Catherine Letitia ANDERSON (known as Catherine) was born on September 18, 1864 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex1. She was trained at the Children’s Hospital, Nottingham, and served for a considerable time as staff nurse’ at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital2. She joined the Army Nursing Service on April 20, 18913, served at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley2, and was serving at the … Read More


Biography Superintendent Miss Florence Ellen ADDAMS-WILLIAMS was born on April 18, 1859. She trained as a nurse at the Royal Infirmary, EdinburghTooley, SA. (1906) The History of Nursing in The British Empire. London: S.H. Bousfield & Co. Ltd.. Nursing Service in the Victorian Wars She joined the Army Nursing Service on October 1st 1885, and in 1898 was serving at … Read More