Elizabeth Ellen Hart was born in Holyhead, Wales on the 21st February 18781, although she seems to have moved around the UK in her younger years. In 1891 the family were living in Station Road, Watford where her father was running a hotel2. By 1901 she was working as a Barmaid in Luton where her father was now a publican3. She trained as a nurse at the Leicester Infirmary 1903-19054, and enrolled in the Territorial Force Nursing Service (TFNS) in October 19095. The 1911 Census shows her working as a private nurse in Bournemouth6.

Nursing Service in WW1

Staff Nurse Elizabeth Ellen Hart was mobilised to serve as an Army nurse on the 1st October 1914, and she served at No. 5 General Hospital, Leicester5. She was awarded the Royal Red Cross 2nd Class (Associate Royal Red Cross ARRC) on the 3rd June 19167. Her confidential reports in 1917 and in 1918 indicate that she was a good nurse, but that her deafness made it hard for her to work in a military setting, and in 1919 it was made explicit that despite being ‘an excellent nurse, reliable and conscientious’ she could not be considered for promotion to Sister because of her deafness. At the end of the war when nurses were being sought to serve overseas her request for a transfer was turned down and she was demobilised on the 31st August 19195.

Nursing Service after WW1

Staff Nurse Hart remained in the Territorial Force Nursing Service and then the Territorial Army Nursing Service when it was formed in 1921. She was promoted to Sister in 1924. She resigned in 1934 as she had reached the age limit for service5. Although her records indicate she applied for a disability pension, it is not clear how she became deaf, or whether she was awarded a pension. She died in Leicester on the 16th December 19528.


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