Page 1 of the Register of the Royal Red Cross

The QARANC Association has been researching the recipients who appear on page 1 of the Register of the Royal Red Cross. The first page lists 16 recipients with “The Queen” being added to the top of the list of names. The first 16 are:

  1. The Princess of Wales
  2. The Crown Princess of Germany
  3. The Princess Christian of Schleswig Holstein
  4. The Princess Beatrice
  5. The Duchess of Connaught
  6. The Duchess of Teck
  7. Miss Nightingale
  8. Lady Strangford
  9. The Hon. Lady Wantage
  10. Mrs. J.C. Deeble
  11. Miss A.E. Caulfield
  12. Miss H. Stewart
  13. Miss M.A. Fellowes
  14. Miss J.A. Gray
  15. Miss H. Campbell Norman
  16. Miss J. Jerrard