The Nursing Record and Hospital World 1 gave an account of Mrs Kate CLAYTON after she died. Mrs Clayton (neé Collins) trained for two years at the General Hospital, Cheltenham (1880-1882) and subsequently obtained a three year certificate at the Salop Infirmary, Shrewsbury. Her appointment as Home Sister at the St Helena Home brought her to London, where she worked until 1895. After obtaining a certificate in maternity nursing at the York Road Lying-In Hospital, and in massage at the National Hospital, she did private nursing in England and New Zealand.

Nursing Service in the Boer War

At the time of the Boer War she was working in St Michael’s Home in Kimberley. She was the wife of Frederick Wall Clayton of Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony. She was taken on as a Locally Employed Nurse and worked at No. 10 General Hospital at Norvals Point 2 and died on the 6th June, 1900 after helping to care for those involved in the outbreak of enteric fever at Bloemfontein.


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