QARANC Association PhD Scholarship

The QARANC Association PhD Scholarship is managed by the QARANC Association Heritage and Chattels Committee.


The Association has a particular interest in the heritage of the Corps with one of the Objects of the Association being, “Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of the corps and preserving its traditions.”, something that is also made clear in the establishment, and the Terms of Reference, of the Heritage and Chattels Committee.

Although much has been written about the history of Army nursing, and many scholars continue to research and write our history, there is a lack of authoritative writing from the perspective of Army nurses themselves. It has been difficult for Army nurses, serving or retired, to gain the necessary skills and standing to be able to write history that is acceptable in academic and scholarly contexts. There are members of the Association who would like the opportunity to gain these skills at Doctoral level, in order to advance the body of knowledge from within Army nursing.


The QARANC Association will fully fund a PhD Scholar from within the Association membership to undertake PhD studies at the University of Cardiff commencing October 2019 (or sooner if it suits the person accepted). The main supervisor will be Professor Holly Furneaux of the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, University of Cardiff.


This project will be the first to research a growing number of nurses’ autograph and scrap-books held in the QARANC archives at the Museum of Military Medicine. Assembled by Army nurses, these works contain inscriptions, verses, original poetry, and sketches by the military personnel gathered within the wards. They typically include humorous cartoons of ward and camp life, landscapes seen from hospital and on campaign, and detailed nature drawings.

Focusing on the First World War the work will draw on the wider QARANC archives, including diaries, journals and notebooks, as well as autograph and scrap-books held in other archives including at the Royal College of Nursing, the Imperial War Museum, and the National Museum of Wales. It will also draw on the nurses’ official service records at the National Archives.

The research will set the autograph and scrap-books in the context of the nurse compiler’s biography, the community of contributors, the specific operational environments and the period of production. This will allow a comparison between these books, highlighting any differences between the characters and the creativity of the nurses who curated these collections, and the nursing, military, and civilian interactions in different wards and hospitals.

It will develop an established field exploring the dynamics of interactions between nurses, doctors, patients and civilian hospital visitors. It will also contribute to an emerging scholarly interest in the creative culture of military hospitals (eg. Reznick, Carden Coyne, Bamji), and will build upon the supervisor’s exploration of the production of soldier art in military hospitals. Work on these previously unexplored materials will enrich our understanding of nurses’ creativity and of gendered and power relationships within military medical culture.

The appointed scholar will have the opportunity to enhance the Museum of Military Medicine’s cataloguing, digitising, and interpretation of these objects and to contribute to museum programming, such as public talks, educational outreach and potentially an exhibition.


The funding for an October 2019 start is set out in the following table:

CostYear 1Year 2Year 3
University Fees£4430£4608£4793
Personal Stipend£15,368£15,983£16,623
Allowance for research costs£5250£5250£5250
Total Annual Funding£25,048£25,841£26,666


Applicants need to meet the requirements for entrance to Post Graduate Research Programmes at the University of Cardiff.

Applicants should hold an Honours degree (minimum Upper Second (2:1)) from a recognised institution, OR a very good MSc/ MPhil/ MRes degree from a recognised institution, OR satisfactory work at postgraduate level (which must include some research training) undertaken for the equivalent of at least one year full-time.

For applicants whose first language is not English an official and in date IELTS or TOEFL transcript is required. IELTS score should be a minimum of 7.0 overall and at least 6.5 in all components. TOEFL score should be 623 (paper), or 106 (Internet) with a minimum of 20 in each component.


Between July and September 2018 the availability of a scholarship will be advertised through the chain of command and Association branches. Anyone interested in applying for the scholarship will need to send the following to the Association General Secretary (QARANC Association, Regimental Headquarters QARANC, Robertson House, Slim Road , CAMBERLEY, GU15 4NP):

  • An up to date Curriculum Vitae,
  • Evidence that they meet the criteria listed above,
  • A piece of academic writing (500 words) outlining their interest in the research topic

Closing date for applications is the 30th September.

The Heritage and Chattels Committee along with Professor Holly Furneaux from the University of Cardiff will shortlist suitable candidates.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview at the University of Cardiff before the end of 2018. The interview panel at Cardiff will comprise the University of Cardiff academic supervisors and at least one representative of the Heritage and Chattels Committee.

The Board of Trustees will confirm which applicant (if any) they are offering a scholarship to and the successful applicant will be invited to apply to the University of Cardiff. If the applicant is successful, the scholar will commence the Postgraduate Research Programme in October 2019 or sooner if the process allows and as may be agreed by the Association and the University.

Funding for the scholar will start when the Postgraduate Research Programme commences.


Supervisory meetings will be arranged at the discretion of the scholar and supervisors, but must take place at least once per month. The scholar will have two supervisors, both of whom have expertise in this area of research. In addition, a member of the Heritage & Chattels Committee with research experience, will provide input on the direction and topic of the research to ensure it meets the needs of the Association.


The scholar will be required to follow both the University of Cardiff and the Association monitoring requirements. The QARANC Association requirements are:

  • To present a summary of their research at the Chief Nurse (Army) Symposium (or similar event) each year;
  • To be a member of the QARANC Heritage and Chattels Committee (Ex Officio) and to attend meetings and contribute their research skills to the work of the Committee.


The Association requires the following outputs:

  • At least one journal publication during the scholarship period
  • At least one conference presentation during the scholarship period
  • A substantial publication to be presented to a publisher within a year of the PhD being awarded by the Cardiff University.


Please send a message via the Contact page for further information.

QARANC Association Oral History Project


The QARANC Association oral history project is managed by the QARANC Association Heritage and Chattels Committee.


In previous generations nurses wrote letters home and also kept diaries and journals. Although few of these survive, those that exist give interesting insights into military nursing at that time. Some of these have been transcribed and added to our website. The practice of keeping diaries has gradually diminished, and so for more recent events there is little material to generate insights. Equally, there has been little mainstream and detailed research into the nature of army nursing over time, and especially in more recent conflicts. Nurses who might offer insights into military nursing at the time of the formation of the QARANC are a diminishing number, and so there is some urgency to gather their testimonies.

For the project to succeed as a true history there needs to be understanding of what makes an oral history, and the processes that underpin it, including the practical aspects of identifying interviewees, collecting and storing the data, as well as transcribing and archiving. Copyright release will be required so that the histories can be used in the future, and so that data can be shared with others interested in the history of Army nursing.

The key to oral history is the use of a framework. Rather than being restrictive the framework allows data collection to be more conversational and less interrogative, because the person can tell the story, and the interviewer can use the framework to redirect, to review, and to confirm key points. Unlike interview-based research which is usually anonymised and aggregated, oral history remains attached to the person. This requires informed consent and for those involved in the project to abide by ethical principles.


For us to be able to collect oral histories from both old and younger members of the Corps we need to have a number of people trained to collect oral histories using the framework we have established, and to transcribe them using our template.

We will be running two workshops in 2019 to train QARANC Association members. One will be at Robertson House in Camberley, and one (to be confirmed) in Birmingham. If you are interested in learning more about the project or attending a workshop, or if you know of someone you think we should interview, please leave us a message via the Contact page.


Army Nurses

This is an alphabetical list of individual Army nurses that we have researched. We can try and research an individual for you if you contact us, or we can add your research into here if you want to share it.

In Memoriam

The following tables list Army nurses who died on military service, and the references to support the known details. Many of these nurses have individual pages here on this site.

Abbreviations of Service:

ANS: Army Nursing Service
PCANSR (Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve)
QAIMNS: Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service
QAIMNS(R): Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve)
QARANC: Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
TANS: Territorial Army Nursing Service
TFNS: Territorial Force Nursing Service

SurnameForenameStatusServiceAgeDiedCountryCemetery/ MemorialGraveAdditional InformationResearch Information
AIREYFredaSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 1.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
ALLENMary AnnStaff NurseQAIMNS3505/01/1920United KingdomTyldesley CemeteryK. R.C. 55.Daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, of E24, Castle St., Tyldesley, Manchester.
ALTONMargaret AnnSisterTANS4911/02/1944United KingdomMiddlesbrough (Acklam) CemeterySec. A. Grave 1477.Daughter of Thomas Edward and Elizabeth Ann Cooper; Wife of J. Alton, of Middlesbrough.
ANDERSONJean McvicarSisterTANS4724/09/1946United KingdomPaisley (Woodside) CrematoriumPanel 1.
ANDREWSEllenSisterTFNS3221/03/1918FranceLillers Communal CemeteryV. A. 15.Daughter of Hannah Leeson, of Wrawby, Brigg, Lincs., and the late Fredrick Andrew.
ARMSTRONGEllenSisterQAIMNS(R)3820/03/1919FranceSt. Sever Cemetery Extension, RouenS. V. M. 6.Daughter of Thomas Newton Armstrong and Jane Elizabeth Tregale or Armstrong.
ASTELLFrances EthelSisterTFNS3817/12/1917GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria187Daughter of Mrs. M. J. Astell, of 187, Queen's Rd., Norwich.
ATKINJoyce KathleenSisterQAIMNS2812/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 1.Daughter of Sidney Robert and Annie Atkin.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
ATKINSLily AdamSisterTANS22/11/1944FranceSt. Sever Cemetery Extension, RouenBlock "S". Plot 1. Row N. Grave 7.
ATKINSONBlancheStaff NurseQAIMNS3809/12/1916AustraliaStirling District CemeteryGeneral Section Grave 177/178
AYERSEileen NorahSisterQAIMNS14/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers
BAKERMargaretSisterTANS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
BALFOURAudrey Margaret CraigSisterQAIMNS11/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 1.Daughter of Archibald Craig Balfour, L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and Margaret Ellen Balfour, of Aviemore, Inverness-Shire. S.R.N.
BARWELLGmSisterEast African Military Nursing Service12/02/1944KenyaEast Africa MemorialColumn 73.Wife of C. Barwell, of Kericho, Kenya.
BATEMANEdith MarySisterQAIMNS4112/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Lewis and Margaret Bateman, of Risca, Monmouthshire.Lost at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
BATESF MProbationer NurseQAIMNS09/04/1916United KingdomReigate Cemetery
BEAUFOYKatyActing MatronQAIMNS26/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, Southampton
BEMBRIDGEMaud Mary HudsonSisterTANS5130/12/1943United KingdomBeeston CemeterySec. A. Div. A.14. Grave 13.Daughter of Charles and Betsy Ann Bembridge. S.R.N.
BENNETHelena StewartStaff NurseQAIMNS18/10/1918United KingdomArbroath Western CemeteryH. 583.
BERESFORDRebecca RoseStaff NurseQAIMNS3926/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, SouthamptonDaughter of Mrs. H. E. Beresford, of 59, Silverdale, Sydenham, London.
BERRIECharlotteSisterQAIMNS3208/01/1919Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Jerusalem War CemeteryQ. 107.Sister of Mrs. Gladys M. Macgrega, of 12, Brightmore St., Neutral Bay, Sydney, New South Wales.
BEVISEva EmilySisterQAIMNS3407/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Lily Emily Randall Bevis, of Hamble, Hampshire.
BIRDLaurie EdnaStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2919/08/1919United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryWestminster Ave. Plot C. 183841.Daughter of Edward and Margaret Bird, of "Elmwood," 3, Woodquest Avenue, Herne Hill, London. Born at Ipswich.
BISHOPHilda Constance MarieSisterQAIMNS3918/01/1944IndiaDelhi War Cemetery6. E. 8.Daughter of Joseph and Ellen Bishop, of South Yardley, Birmingham.
BLACKCharlotte FlorenceSisterQAIMNS2624/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Robert and Charlotte Black, of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester.She died February 24, 1942, on Banka Island having been wounded when the SS Tanjong Pinang was sunk by a Japanese naval vessel.
BLACKLOCKAlice MaySisterTFNS3013/08/1916IraqBasra War CemeteryV. N. 12.Daughter of Anthony and Catherine Blacklock, of 43, Warbreck Moor, Aintree, Liverpool.
BLACKMANAudrey MarySisterQAIMNS2827/11/1944BelgiumSchoonselhof CemeteryI. A. 35.Daughter of Albert and Alice Mary Blackman, of Hayes, Middlesex.
BLAKEEdithStaff NurseQAIMNS3226/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, SouthamptonDaughter of Charles and Catherine Blake, of 9, Vista St., Sans Souci, Sydney.
BLENCOWEMabel EdithSisterTFNS3610/03/1917FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir CemeteryIII. B. 22.Daughter of Mrs. E. Blencowe, of 51, Bainton Rd., Oxford.
BOEHMERGeraldine Gilda EmilySisterQAIMNS2415/02/1943AlgeriaLa Reunion War Cemetery5. A. 17.Daughter of Frederick Fitzgerald West Boehmer and Alice Maud Boehmer, of Southampton.
BOLGERKatieStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3005/03/1916United KingdomSutton Veny (St. John) Churchyard411. South side of Church.Daughter of Edward and Margret Bolger, of Tullow, Co. Carlow.
BONDElla MaudSisterQAIMNS3103/11/1918United KingdomGrimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery43. C. 2.Daughter of Charles F. and Isabella D. Bond, of 48, King St., Southport.
BOUE-BLANDYStella RoseSisterQAIMNS3213/01/1919United KingdomBirkdale CemeteryD. C.E. 1.Daughter of Frank Boue-Blandy and Helen Blandy of 4 Delamere Road, Ainsdale, Lancashire. Her brother Claude Reginald Boue-Blandy also fell.
BOUNDYEileenSisterQAIMNS2608/09/1943TunisiaMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery18. D. 10.Daughter of John and Mary Louisa Boundy, of Dalton-In-Furness, Lancashire.
BOWDENMarion AlexandraSisterEast African Military Nursing Service17/01/1942KenyaNairobi War Cemetery2. H. 11.
BOWYERDorisSisterQAIMNS01/05/1946China, (including Hong Kong)Sai Wan War CemeteryI. G. 14.
BOYD-ROBERTSSylvia CaldwellSisterQAIMNS2323/05/1944IndiaDelhi War Cemetery5. J. 15.Daughter of Alexander and Dorothy Boyd-Roberts, of Maida Hill, London.
BRACEFrances E.Staff NurseQAIMNS21/09/1916MaltaPieta Military CemeteryXXIX. 1.
BRADYDoreen JoanSisterQAIMNS2704/10/1945PakistanKarachi War Cemetery8. B. 9.Daughter of Joseph William and Ethel May Brady, of Loughton, Essex. S.R.N., S.R.F.N.
BRANDMarySisterQAIMNS16/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Charles Cecil and Lucy Brand, of King's Heath, Birmingham. Gold Medallist, Queen's Hospital, Birmingham."… survived the sinking of the SS Kuala but died later from wounds incurred in the bombing of Pom Pong Island, and was buried in Tembilihan …"
BRETTNora VeronicaStaff NurseTFNS20/05/1915United KingdomBirmingham (Lodge Hill) CemeteryScreen Wall. B10. 1. 215.
BRINTONM GStaff NurseTFNS30/10/1918United KingdomBlaydon CemeteryM. C. 210.
BRITTONNancySisterTANS3606/02/1947United KingdomBanstead (All Saints) ChurchyardN.W. of Church.Daughter of Walter Peaston Britton and Caroline Britton, of Christchurch, Hampshire. S.R.N., C.M.B.
BROWNE LSisterQAIMNS(R)19/02/1919United KingdomBrighton City (Bear Road) CemeteryZIY. 105.
BROWNAmySisterQAIMNS2312/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of John and Sarah Jane Brown. S.R.N.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
BUCKINGHAMMaude AmyMatronQAIMNS4204/12/1915Kensal Green (All Souls') Cemetery136. 5. 28475.Matron of Queen's Hospital Birmingham, and also of the 2nd War Hospital Holymoor, Birmingham.
BUCKLERAnnie ElinorStaff NurseQAIMNS4317/10/1918United KingdomSouthampton (Hollybrook) CemeteryB. 01. 84.Daughter of the Rev. John Findlay Buckler, M.A., late Rector of Bidston, Cheshire, and of Mary Anne Buckler (Nee Mutlow). Served at Malta and Sidcup, Kent. Born at Chester.
BURROWSIsabellaSisterQAIMNS2512/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Samuel and Jane E. Burrows, of Coote Hill, Co. Cavan, Irish Republic.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
BUTLERS ESisterQAIMNS14/04/1916EgyptAlexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial CemeteryQ. 569.
BUTLERSusanSisterQAIMNS2716/12/1944ItalySalerno War CemeteryVI. F. 27.Daughter of William and Daisy Violet Butler.
CALLIERE F M CSisterQAIMNS22/06/1919United KingdomGreenwich Cemetery3 "C". Z. 42.
CAMERONUnaSisterTANS3113/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.Daughter of Donald Cameron, and of Jessie Cameron, of Spean Bridge, Inverness-Shire.
CAMMACKEdith MaryStaff NurseTFNS01/03/1918United KingdomKnowle (Ss. John The Baptist, Lawrence And Ann) Churchyard186
CARROLLEdith KatherineSisterQAIMNS3814/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Thomas A. and Mary J. Carroll.Died when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers on February 14, 1942
CARTEREthelSisterTANS3119/02/1944IndiaKohima War Cemetery6. C. 7.Daughter of Francis and Mary Ann Carter, of Redcar, Yorkshire.
CHALLINORElizabeth AnnieStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2926/10/1918United KingdomGuildford (Stoke) Old CemeteryD. 592.Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Challinor, of "Thelma," Caxton Gardens, Guildford.
CHANDLERDorothy MaudSisterQAIMNS(R)3115/11/1917United KingdomEpsom CemeteryA. 277.Daughter of Mrs. S. A. Chandler, of 12, Park Villas, Cheam, Surrey. Born at Epsom. Served With 26th Gen. Hosp., France.
CHEYNEAgnes McinnesMatronQAIMNS13/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.
CLEMENTNadia MathildaSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
CLEWETTCatherine HildaSisterQAIMNS3014/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Charles Robert and Ada Clewett, of Holloway, London. S.R.N., C.M.B.
CLIMIEAgnes MurdochStaff NurseTFNS3230/09/1917FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir CemeteryVI. B. 1.Daughter of Andrew Climie and Isabella Adam, His Wife, of 18, St. Bride's Rd., Newlands, Glasgow.
CLOUGHMaryStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2812/10/1916MaltaPieta Military CemeteryXXIX. 2.Daughter of Samuel and Annie Clough, of the Coppice, Bispham Rd., Blackpool.
COLEEmily HelenaSisterQAIMNS3221/02/1915FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIII. Q. 1.Daughter of Mrs. E. H. Cole, of 46, Charminster Rd., Bournemouth.
COLEDorothy HelenSisterTFNS2924/10/1918United KingdomBrookwood Cemetery181,855Daughter of William and Caroline Frances Cole, of 41, Heath Hurst Rd., Hampstead, London.
COLEDorothy MarySisterQAIMNS2913/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.Daughter of Richard Frederick and Nora Cole, of Quenington, Gloucestershire.
COMPTONFlorence D'oylySisterQAIMNS2915/01/1918IraqBasra War CemeteryI. G. 12.
CONSTERDINEV CStaff NurseQAIMNS06/11/1918United KingdomNottingham Church CemeteryGreen Holly. 29.
COOKEE KStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)08/09/1917EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial CemeteryB. 25.
COOPERAnneSisterQAIMNS3817/11/1919United KingdomManchester CrematoriumCrematorium Panel.Daughter of William and Maria Cooper, of Mottram, Cheshire.
COOPERMarySisterQAIMNS2726/06/1945IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery6. H. 8.Daughter of Patrick William and Ethel May Cooper, of Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Republic of Ireland.
CORFIELDAgnes BerylSisterQAIMNS02/02/1916EgyptAlexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial CemeteryQ. 561.
COULTERJoanSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
COWARDLauraSisterQAIMNS14/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.
COXMargaret AnnieStaff NurseTFNS3507/02/1919Ireland, Republic ofArdcarne (St. Beo-Aedh's) Old GraveyardSouth-East part of old ground.Sister of Miss Teresa Cox, Leitrim Road, Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.
CRIBBCecilia MaudeSisterQAIMNS3007/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Walter Henry and Maude Helena Cribb.
CROWTHERLenaSisterQAIMNS22/10/1916United KingdomTottenham CemeteryGen. 7301 (Screen Wall).
CROYSDALEMarjorieSisterQAIMNS2602/03/1919FranceEtaples Military CemeteryXLV. C. 10.Daughter of Thomas Croysdale, J.P., and Beatrice Croysdale, of Hawke House, Sunbury-On-Thames. Educated at Wycombe Abbey School.
CRUICKSHANKIsabellaSisterQAIMNS4810/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.Daughter of William and Isabella Mutch Cruickshank, of Aberdeen.
CRUICKSHANKMary KennedySisterQAIMNS2731/03/1943AlgeriaEl Alia Cemetery12. J. 11.Daughter of William and Ann Cruickshank, of Dunlugas, Banffshire.
CURRANJane Simpson AnnandSisterQAIMNS04/10/1945United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
DALGARNOElsie AliceSisterQAIMNS4012/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Alexander and Mary Dalgarno, of Aberdeen.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean.
DALTONJ GSisterQAIMNS20/03/1916United KingdomKilbride Parish ChurchyardIn North-West corner.
DALTONLoisSisterQAIMNS2404/01/1945BelgiumOostende New Communal CemeteryPlot 9. Row 8. Grave 14.Daughter of Ernest and Amy Dalton, of Hathersage, Derbyshire.
DALTONMiss MARY ELLENMatronQAIMNS5614/06/1946Somalia (including Somaliland)Mogadishu African War CemeteryGrave 7.
DANAHERMaryStaff NurseQAIMNS2612/10/1918Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Gaza War CemeteryXXVII. B. 5.Daughter of Mrs. A. Danaher, of Glenagore, Athea, Co. Limerick.
DANNElizabeth DorithaSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of John Archiebald and Mary Elizabeth Dann, of Port Talbot, Glamorgan. S.R.N., S.C.M.
DARNELLJessieSisterQAIMNS2514/10/1942IndiaKirkee War Cemetery8. B. 13.Daughter of Robert and Catherine Darnell, of Acomb, York.
DAVIDSONEllen FrancesSisterQAIMNS(R)2825/12/1939FranceMont Huon Military Cemetery, Le TreportIX. C. 2.Daughter of Robert Ernest and Ruth Davidson, of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
DAVIDSONSarahSisterQAIMNS3029/11/1941EgyptKantara War Memorial CemeteryC. 150A.Daughter of Robert and Janet Christie Davidson.
DAVIDSONJANET MacfarlaneSisterQAIMNS2921/12/1942AlgeriaLe Petit Lac CemeteryPlot E. Row D. Grave 27.Daughter of Andrew and Helen Davidson, of Law Junction, Lanarkshire.
DAVIESAnnie MildredSisterTANS3327/10/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
DAVIESMabelSisterQAIMNS4811/11/1942United KingdomPenybont Independent ChapelyardDaughter of James and Sarah Davies, of Mydrim.
DAVIESMargaret ElunedSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
DAWESA ESisterQAIMNS23/10/1918United KingdomBedford Cemetery, BedfordshireF/4. 169.
DAWSONEveline MaudMatronQAIMNS4910/04/1917FranceEtaples Military CemeteryXVII. D. 24.Sister of Miss E. Dawson, of 27, Queen's Rd., Bromley, Kent.
DERVANGertrudeSisterQAIMNS2612/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Martin and Ellen Dervan, of Loughrea, Co. Galway, Irish Republic.
DEWARM SStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)12/03/1917GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria1,554
DEWARAlice WhiteheadSisterQAIMNS2812/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of James and Mary Ann Stewart Dewar, of Kinross.
DICKSONRuth HannahSisterQAIMNS5424/12/1944IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery5. H. 7.Daughter of Joseph Alexander and Lydia Ann Dickson, of Eglish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
DIFFEYBarbara LouiseSisterQAIMNS3802/10/1947United KingdomAldershot Military CemeteryA.A. 70.Daughter of Walter and Margaret Diffey.
DIXONSarah ElizabethSisterQAIMNS3224/01/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of James and Margaret Thomson Dixon, of Eglingham, Northumberland.
DOHERTYMary AgnesSisterQAIMNS(R)2805/09/1916GreeceSalonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery0.11.Daughter of Catherine Doherty, of Meeting St., Magherafelt, Co. Derry, and the late Philip Doherty.
DONOVANBridgetStaff NurseQAIMNS03/04/1916United KingdomPortsdown (Christ Church) Military CemeteryA. 54.
DORANTeresaSisterQAIMNS2721/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Thomas and Margaret Doran.
DOWLINGBeatrice OliviaSisterQAIMNS(R)2412/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Sam and Sadie Dowling, of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
DRYDENClara MarthaSisterEast African Military Nursing Service3912/02/1944KenyaEast Africa MemorialColumn 95.
DUCKERSMargaret EllisonStaff NurseQAIMNS2516/05/1918GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria254Daughter of James Samuel and Jane Duckers, of "Edencroft," Wetheral, Carlisle.
DUNCANIsabella Lucy MaySisterQAIMNS01/03/1917FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIII. F. 2.Daughter of John and Caroline Duncan, of Manchester.
DUNLOPDoreen VioletSisterQAIMNS4014/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bedford; Wife of Maj. Alexander Louden Dunlop, M.D., R.A.M.C., of Sungei Patani, Kedah, Malaya.
EDGARElizabethStaff NurseQAIMNS26/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, Southampton
ELLIFFEMargaretSisterQAIMNS(R)2724/05/1916United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 177602.
ELLIOTTElizabethStaff NurseTFNS2427/10/1918United KingdomMurton (Holy Trinity) ChurchyardNear West wall of Churchyard.Daughter of Thomas and Alice Elliott, of 6, Pilgrim St., Murton.
ELLIOTTLeila MabelStaff NurseTFNS3202/03/1920United KingdomEdinburgh (Morningside) CemeteryK. 679.Daughter of Charles Elliott, of Winterfold, Broadstone, Dorset.
ENGLISHEileenSisterTANS3227/10/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth English, of Reading, Berkshire.
ESSEXRosemary NancySisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
EVANSJaneSisterQAIMNS26/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, SouthamptonDaughter of Evan and Mary Rebecca Evans.
EVANSMair ElunedSisterQAIMNS2707/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Evans, of Nantycaws, Carmarthenshire.
EVERSHEDMollieSisterQAIMNS2707/08/1944FranceBayeux MemorialPanel 27.King's Commendation For Brave Conduct. Daughter of Reginald Avery Evershed and Thora Margaret Evershed, of Soham, Cambridgeshire.
FARLEYMMatronQAIMNS01/06/1918Ireland, Republic ofMount Jerome Cemetery411. 281.
FARRELLYMarySisterQAIMNS2512/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Connor and Mary Farrelly.
FARTHINGMarjorie Eileen EthelSisterQAIMNS3102/12/1945IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai5. D. 6.Daughter of Matthias and Catherine Ethel Farthing, of Swindon, Wiltshire.
FEARNLEYEthelStaff NurseQAIMNS23/11/1914FranceBoulogne Eastern CemeteryI. B. 6.
FERGUSONRachelStaff NurseQAIMNS26/06/1918ItalyBordighera British CemeteryII. B. 7.Daughter of John Stewart Ferguson and Annie Ferguson, of Lanebrooke House, Ballygoney, Moneymore, Co. Derry.
FIELDDorothy AnitaSisterQAIMNS3207/08/1944FranceBayeux MemorialPanel 19, Column 1.Daughter of Charles Roland and Ethel Alice Styles Field, of Southwark, London. S.R.N. Commended For Brave Conduct, 29th December,. 1944.
FINLEYMargaret RavenSisterQAIMNS3114/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Harry and Lilian Finley.
FITZGERALDCatherine MarySisterQAIMNS3012/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Richard and Ann Fitzgerald, of Douglas, Co. Cork, Irish Republic.
FLECKEmmaSisterQAIMNS(R)3322/11/1947United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of James and Emma Fleck, of Dervock, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. S.R.N.
FLETCHERAnne VeronicaStaff NurseTFNS2714/03/1918United KingdomUnited Kingdom Book Of Remembrance
FLINTOFFAliceSisterTFNS09/11/1918United KingdomWandsworth (Earlsfield) CemeteryScreen Wall. G.B. 18. 146.Sister of Jane Huggon, of 7, St. Martin's Place, Scarborough.
FLORENCEMargaretSisterQAIMNS4612/04/1943EgyptMoascar War Cemetery1. B. 8.Daughter of William and Louisa Florence; Niece of Mr. T. Enever, of Bussage, Gloucestershire.
FORBESBeatrice Georgina FredericaStaff NurseTFNS12/05/1918United KingdomBirmingham (Lodge Hill) CemeteryScreen Wall. B10. 2. 225.
FOSKETTEthelSisterQAIMNS18/06/1941EgyptIsmailia War Memorial Cemetery6. C. 3.
FOWLERMarjorie Helen TaylorSisterQAIMNS2817/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of John and Mennie Margaret Fowler, of West Lewiston, Inverness-Shire.
FOYSTEREllen LucySisterQAIMNS(R)3610/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.Daughter of Rebecca Foyster, of 37, Madeira Avenue, Worthing, Sussex, and the late H. A. Foyster. On Active Service 1915-1917.
GALEMargory EvelineSisterTANS3414/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of John Henry Gale, and of Georgina Eleanor Gale, of Sevenoaks, Kent.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers,
GARDNERAnnie MarySisterQAIMNS2607/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of W. J. and Elizabeth Gardner, of Stranocum, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
GARLICKHilda MaryStaff NurseTFNS4312/08/1917United KingdomBirmingham (Lodge Hill) CemeteryB12. 90.Daughter of William Thomas and Maria Garlick. Born at Dublin.
GARNDorothySisterQAIMNS24/10/1944United KingdomPeterborough Old (Broadway) CemeteryGrave 246.
GARNERA E CSisterQAIMNS(R)12/03/1917United KingdomTottenham CemeteryC. 5759.
GEORGEDora ElizabethSisterTANS09/07/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
GIBSONPhyllisSisterQAIMNS3113/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.Daughter of Andrew and Mary Ann Gibson, of Liff, Angus.
GLADSTONEElsie MabelSisterQAIMNS3224/01/1919BelgiumBelgrade CemeteryI. A. 5.Daughter of Cecil Ernest Gladstone (I.C.S.) and Florence Elliot Gladstone. One of Only Two Female Casualties of the Great War Buried In Belgium.
GLAZEBROOKHilary MargaretSisterQAIMNS3218/11/1941EgyptKantara War Memorial CemeteryC. 157A.Daughter of Robert and Margaret Glazebrook, of Albany, Western Australia.
GLEDHILLAnnieSisterQAIMNS4317/10/1918Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Gaza War CemeteryXXVII. C. 13.Daughter of James Edward and Mary Gledhill, of Steeton, Yorks.
GOLDSMITHAmy Alice VictoriaStaff NurseTFNS3205/03/1919FranceMazargues War Cemetery, MarseillesIII. A. 56.Daughter of Edward John and Mary Goldsmith, of Bardwell Hall, Suffolk.
GORBUTTMarthaSisterQAIMNS(R)28/07/1920United KingdomGreenwich Cemetery3 "C" Z. 55.Daughter of Bryan and Martha Gorbutt.
GORDONJemima VioletSisterQAIMNS(R)26/03/1947NigeriaKaduna Military CemeteryEuropean C. of E. Sec. Grave 1.
GRAYEmilyStaff NurseQAIMNS3016/01/1919United KingdomMinterburn Presbyterian Church Graveyard1st Grave on left side of gate in the graveyardDaughter of Mary Gray, of Sherries Hill, Caledon, Co. Tyrone.
GREATOREXJanet MarySisterTFNS3802/04/1916United KingdomWarwick Cemetery191. "C". 3.
GRIFFINLilianSisterTFNS05/09/1916GreeceDoiran Memorial
GRIFFITHSJlSisterQAIMNS30/10/1915EgyptAlexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial CemeteryQ. 537.
GROOMDorothySisterQAIMNS2727/04/1945ItalyNaples War CemeteryIV. H. 2.Daughter of John Henry and Fannie Groom, of Alfreton, Derbyshire. S.R.N., C.M.B.
GROVERAlice JaneSisterQAIMNS(R)4306/02/1919EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial CemeteryC. 176.Daughter of George and Jane Mary Grover, of Hartford Bridge, Hants.
GURNEYE SStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)10/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.
HADRIDGEEstherSisterQAIMNS3121/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of James and Rachel Ann Hadridge.
HAFFENDENOlive May JeanSisterQAIMNS2726/11/1943BangladeshChittagong War Cemetery6. F. 11.Daughter of Ebenezer John Haffenden and of Ann Louise Haffenden, of Pluckley, Kent.
HALLFrances MaryMatronQAIMNS4507/07/1919IndiaDelhi Memorial (India Gate)Face 23.Eldest Daughter of the late Edward Paylor Hall and Mrs. Paylor Hall, of Portland House, Lancaster. Served In the South African Campaign, and In Egypt, Salonika and Mesopotarnia. (Buried Peshawar (Right) B.C. Xxvi. 779).
HALLBarbara LentonSisterQAIMNS2509/09/1945IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai1. L. 8.Daughter of William and Constance Clara Lenton Hall, of Eynesbury, Huntingdonshire.
HANNAFORDIda DurantStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3414/03/1918United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 180705.Daughter of Ellen Hannaford, of 266, Greenwood Avenue, Toronto, Canada, and the late Joseph William Hannaford. Born In Birmingham.
HARKNESSBessieSisterQAIMNS(R)2611/04/1919United KingdomCrosshill CemeterySec.C. Lair 354Daughter of James and Jessie Harkness, of Maybole, Ayrshire.
HARRISONW MSisterQAIMNS03/04/1920IndiaTrimulgherry Cantonment CemeteryPlot M. Grave 1104.
HARRISONWinnie Alice ElizabethSisterQAIMNS24/01/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
HARVEYGrace WesslinkSisterQAIMNS4712/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of George and Agnes Harvey, of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham.
HASTINGSH MSisterTFNS23/07/1918United KingdomMorton (Thornhill) CemeteryG2. 12.
HASTINGSValerie FrancesSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
HAWLEYNellieProbationer NurseQAIMNS2931/12/1917EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial CemeteryB. 46.Daughter of Alfred Arthur and Stella Hawley, of 29, Kingshall Rd., Beckenham, Kent.
HAWLEYFStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2920/06/1918United KingdomStoke-On-Trent (Burslem) Cemetery4,941
HENNINFrances EdithSisterQAIMNS4228/01/1945ItalyCoriano Ridge War CemeteryXV, G, 4.Daughter of William Joseph and Kathrine Ellen Hennin.
HENRYCharlotte E.Staff NurseQAIMNS26/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, Southampton
HENSHAWIsabelSisterTFNS5011/08/1919CanadaWinnipeg (Elmwood) CemeteryS.3. G.1641.Daughter of the late Robert Henshaw (R.E.) and Mary Ann Henshaw, of Trowbridge, England.
HERVEY MURRAYAgnes JoanSisterQAIMNS2614/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of C. L. and Ethel Hervey Murray, of Bournemouth, Hampshire.
HETTERLEYHelenStaff NurseQAIMNS2630/05/1917United KingdomOakham Cemetery30. 45.Daughter of George and Elizabeth Hetterley, of Station Rd., Oakham.
HILLINGSophieSisterQAIMNS(R)3412/10/1918FranceTourgeville Military CemeteryXIV. A. 1.Daughter of Mrs. S. A. Hilling, of Deptford, London. Four Years' War Service.
HILLSMaude EllenSisterTFNS4322/07/1918United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 181321.Daughter of Edwin and Sarah Broadhurst Hills, of Cranbrook, Kent. Served In France.
HOBBESNarrelleSisterQAIMNS(R)3710/05/1918IraqBasra MemorialPanel 43.Daughter of the late J.F. and Margaret Hobbes.
HOCKEYJessie OliveSisterQAIMNS3214/08/1917FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIII. A. 3.Daughter of James Temlitte Hockey and Martha Ann Hockey, of Cape Province, South Africa.
HODGSONEveline MarySisterQAIMNS21/12/1918GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria1,081Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson, of Woodland Villa, Helperby, York. Served On H.M.H.S "the Letitia".
HODGSONMarjorie AizlewoodSisterQAIMNS3814/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of James Vincent Hodgson and Kate Alice Hodgson, of Ripon, Yorkshire.
HOLLISEnid KathleenSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
HOODMargaret AnnSisterQAIMNS3507/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of John Charles and Elizabeth Lowes Hood, of Sunderland, Co. Durham. S.R.N., S.C.M.
HORNEHelenor Frances MorrisonSisterTANS3119/06/1944United KingdomNewtyle CemeterySec. B. Grave 91.Daughter of William and Helen Horne, of Scalloway, Zetland.
HOUSTONJane MargaretSisterQAIMNS12/12/1940Sierra LeoneFreetown (King Tom) Cemetery3. D. 1.
HOWARDFlorence GwendolinStaff NurseTFNS18/11/1914United KingdomPontypridd (Glyntaff) CemeteryJ. 2.
HUFFAMElizabeth C. M.SisterQAIMNS5203/03/1944United KingdomFulford CemeterySec. 2. Row I. Grave 2.Daughter of Edward Valentine and Dorothy Huffam.
HUGHESGladys CorfieldStaff NurseQAIMNS06/11/1918United KingdomNantmawr Congregational Chapelyard3.6.Daughter of Thomas and Martha Titley Hughes, of Cambrian House, Nantmawr.
HUMPHREYElsie M.SisterTFNS19/04/1920United KingdomNorth Hill (St. Torney) Churchyard
HUMPHREYMuriel ChristineSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
HUNTMargaret LindaSisterQAIMNS2627/04/1943NigeriaKaduna Civil CemeteryRow E. Grave 17.Daughter of Frederick and Jane Hunt of Sunderland, Co. Durham.
IEVERSEileen Mary EliseMatronQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 1.
INGHAMAlice AnnSisterTANS3214/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Thomas and Annie Ingham, of Outwood, Lancashire. S.R.N., S.C.M.
IRWINW HStaff NurseTFNS18/11/1918United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 182312.
JACKChristinaSisterQAIMNS(R)3522/10/1918United KingdomThurso (Mount Vernon) CemeteryH. 222.Daughter of Donald Jack and His Wife, Margaret Loullit, of 61, Princes St., Thurso.
JAMESWinifred MaySisterQAIMNS2608/04/1946IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai7. E. 7.Daughter of Teresa Mary Jones, of Hereford. S.R.N.
JAMIESONJessie SmithStaff NurseTFNS3030/12/1918United KingdomEdinburgh (Dalry) CemeteryR. 339.Daughter of John and Elizabeth Whitton Jamieson, of Edinburgh.
JARMANMarieSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
JAYK. ChristineSisterQueen Alexandra's Military Nursing Service for India12/08/1916IndiaIndian Book Of Remembrance
JINKSMaryStaff NurseTFNS2829/09/1919United KingdomPeterculter Churchyard62Daughter of William and Ann Jinks, of 65, Millgate, Selby, Yorks.
JOBMarjorie DecimaSisterQAIMNS21/09/1945South AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) CemeteryMil. Sec. Grave 366.
JOBLINGAnnieSisterTANS3602/07/1943United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Thomas E. Jobling and Elizabeth Jobling; Stepdaughter of Helen M. Jobling, of Blackpool, Lancashire.
JOHNSONAda MarionSisterQAIMNS2424/10/1918United KingdomTottenham CemeteryGen. 7301. (Screen Wall).Daughter of J. H. and Mary A. Johnson, of 1, Arthur Rd., Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey.
JOHNSONMaud LouiseSisterTANS10/07/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.
JOHNSTONM HStaff NurseQAIMNS05/09/1915EgyptCairo War Memorial CemeteryD. 84.
JOHNSTONMaud FredalineSisterQAIMNS3012/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Matthew and Eliza Jane Johnston.
JONESGertrude EileenSisterQAIMNS(R)3110/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.
JONESLilian HildaSisterQAIMNS3228/10/1918United KingdomPlymouth (Ford Park) CemeteryGeneral K. 5. 7.Daughter of Louisa Jones, of "Fairlight," 13, Valencia Rd., West Worthing, Sussex. Born at New Southgate, London.
JONESF NStaff NurseQueen Alexandra's Military Nursing Service for India14/04/1919IndiaIndian Book Of Remembrance
JONESMavis JoySisterQAIMNS2402/06/1946SingaporeKranji War Cemetery27. A. 7.Daughter of William Griffiths Jones and Beatrice Winifred Jones, of Cathays, Cardiff.
KEARNEYI MSisterQAIMNS26/09/1916IraqBasra War CemeteryV. R. 14.
KEARONAnna MarjorieSisterQAIMNS12/09/1943Ireland, Republic ofArklow CemeteryGrave 70. W. on Border N.
KELLSMaggie JaneSisterQAIMNS3212/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of William Kells, and of Mary Anne Kells, of Milltown, Co. Cavan, Irish Republic.
KELLSWinifred EvelynSisterQAIMNS2312/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of William Kells, and of Mary Anne Kells, of Milltown, Co. Cavan, Irish Republic.
KELLYElizabethSisterQAIMNS03/09/1940IndiaKirkee War Cemetery3. G. 6.
KEMPE MSisterTFNS20/10/1917FranceGodewaersvelde British CemeteryI. M. 1.
KEMPC M FStaff NurseQAIMNS04/07/1918IraqBasra War CemeteryIII. T. 2.
KENDALLRose ElizabethSisterQAIMNS3126/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, SouthamptonDaughter of the late Alfred Kendall.
KERRM TStaff NurseTFNS3117/01/1915United KingdomArdrossan CemeteryS. A. 18.Daughter of the late Alexander Kerr and of Annie Kerr.
KINGMarie PenroseSisterQAIMNS16/06/1947NigeriaJos (St. Piran) ChurchyardGrave 130.
KIRBYEllena FannySisterQAIMNS2315/02/1946EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery6. M. 2.Daughter of William Frederick and Georgina Fanny Kirby, of Amesbury, Wiltshire.
KITTBettySisterQAIMNS2518/03/1945BangladeshMaynamati War Cemetery3. B. 16.Daughter of Bertram and Lily Kitt, of Tavistock, Devon.
KNIGHTGrace LouiseSisterQAIMNS4407/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
LADKINEllen AmeliaSisterQAIMNS4011/11/1941EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery1. A. 27.Daughter of Ralph Tibbals Ladkin and Ada Ladkin, of Southall, Middlesex. S.R.N., S.C.M.
LAMBAdelineSisterQAIMNS5429/12/1941United KingdomSwanage (Godlingston) CemeteryPlot A. Cons. Grave 790.Daughter of Charles and Georgina Lamb.
LANCASTERAlice HildaStaff NurseTFNS3503/06/1918FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIV. A. 2.Daughter of Thomas and A. H. Lancaster, of the Cliffe, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorks.
LE BLANC SMITHBeatriceSisterQAIMNS3118/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Frederick Stuart and Gladys Le Blanc Smith, of Wargrave-On-Thames, Berkshire.
LEAHilda LouisaStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3810/05/1916United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 177560.Daughter of Samuel and Emma Lea, of Stafford, Staffs.
LEAMarySisterTANS3113/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Lea, of Lymm, Cheshire.
LECKEYMuriel EmilySisterQAIMNS3212/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Henryand Mary Ann Leckey. S.R.N.
LEECHBarbara ElisabethSisterQAIMNS2712/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Thomas and Winifred Amy Leech, of Enfield, Middlesex.
LITTLETONMary JoyceSisterQAIMNS2612/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of John and Louietta Mary Littleton, of Wheyrigg, Cumberland.
LOWBRIDGEHarrietSisterQAIMNS11/02/1943United KingdomBirmingham (Perry Bar) CrematoriumRight Hand Column.
LUCASLilian MarySisterQAIMNS2715/05/1947United KingdomWestbury Cemetery, WiltshireCons. Plot.Daughter of Joseph Charles and Minnie Lucas, of Westbury.
MACBETHMargaret AnnStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2830/10/1918United KingdomPitlochry New CemeteryG. 126.Daughter of Mrs. Helen Macbeth, of Lower Viewbank, Pitlochry.
MACGILLMary MitchellMatronQAIMNS3211/03/1915United KingdomAldershot Military CemeteryAH. 325.Sister of William Macgill, of 29, Abbey Rd., Stirling.
MacGREGORAnnieSisterTANS3314/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Donald and C. Macgregor, of Shiskine, Isle of Arran.
MACHINDorothySisterQAIMNS3125/07/1945MyanmarRangoon War Cemetery4. C. 3.Daughter of Jesse and May Machin, of Stockton-On-Tees, Co. Durham.
MACKAYMary Margaret MurraySisterTANS12/08/1944Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Khayat Beach War CemeteryB.E. 10.
MACKENZIEIStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)02/11/1918United KingdomMelness Cemetery, Tongue
MACKINNONMaryStaff NurseTFNS3126/02/1918United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, SouthamptonDaughter of John and Flora Mackinnon, of Rhae, Arisaig, Inverness-Shire.
MACLARENJean NoelSisterQAIMNS2912/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of James anderson Maclaren, K.C., and of Margaret Yule Maclaren (Nee Young).
MACPHAILEffieSisterQAIMNS3008/11/1943PakistanKarachi War Cemetery11. A. 7.Daughter of Donald and Effie Macphail, of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
MACRAEJessie MarySisterTANS3015/03/1944ItalyNaples War CemeteryII. C. 17.Daughter of Colin Macrae and of Margaret Macrae (Nee Finlayson), of Torridon, Ross and Cromarty.
MADDISONFrances LilianSisterQAIMNS5422/07/1945United KingdomPutney Vale Cemetery And CrematoriumBlock 5. Grave 225.
MAINIris Hannah IsabelSisterTANS2729/08/1943United KingdomSt. Ives Public CemeterySec. A. Grave 58.Daughter of James Stewart Main and Mary Elizabeth Main, of St. Ives.
MALCOLMJaneSisterQAIMNS3301/10/1942EgyptMoascar War Cemetery4. A. 7.Daughter of Napier and Urania Malcolm. Queen's Nurse.
MANFIELDConstance DorothySisterQAIMNS3327/10/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Cuthbert David and Kate Elizabeth Manfield, of Ash, Surrey. S.R.N., S.R.C.N., S.R.F.N., C.M.B.
MANNAgnes GreigStaff NurseQAIMNS2510/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le HavreDiv. 62. 1.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mann, of 17, Clepington St., Dundee.
MARKHannah DunlopStaff NurseTFNS2310/10/1918United KingdomBridgend CemeteryD. 4.Daughter of Alex and Sarah Jane Mark, of "Garnock," Acland Rd., Bridgend.
MARLEYGrace MargaretProbationer NurseTFNS2312/10/1916United KingdomMelksham Church CemeteryDaughter of Mrs. Catherine S. Marley, of the Briars, 11, Sandridge Rd., Melksham.
MARMIONMStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3725/01/1919United KingdomKensal Green (St. Mary's) Roman Catholic Cemetery9,626
MARNOCHMargaret BellaStaff NurseTFNS2713/11/1918United KingdomKintore Parish Churchyard639Daughter of George and Isabella Marnoch, of Wellend Farm, Kintore.
MARSHALLMary BethiaStaff NurseQAIMNS3012/03/1917GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria1,552Croix De Guerre With Palms (France). Daughter of James and Catherine (Hoseason) Marshall, of 22, Durand Gardens, Stockwell, London.
MARTINHilda IrisSisterQAIMNS(R)4101/09/1941PakistanKarachi War Cemetery8. B. 1.Daughter of Alfred Richard and Sarah Jane Martin, of St. Leonards-On-Sea, Sussex.
MASONFannyStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2710/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.Daughter of Thomas and Catherine Elizabeth Mason, of Ivy Court, Giggleswick, Nr. Settle, Yorks. Native of Hawes, Yorks.
MATTHEWSNorahSisterTANS30/08/1944United KingdomShepton Mallet Burial GroundWestern Area. Row G. Grave 44.Daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Margaret Matthews.
MAWSTONEdna MaySisterQAIMNS3221/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Septimus and Isabella Mawston, of Northallerton, Yorkshire.
MAXWELLMargaretSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
McALISTERClaraStaff NurseQAIMNS3610/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.Sister of Marion Mcalister, of Little Hill, Pulborough, Sussex.
McBRYDEKatherine DaisySisterQAIMNS3507/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of George Hamilton Richards and Katherine Winifred Richards, of Shortlands, Kent.
McCAYMinnie ThompsonSisterQAIMNS2922/05/1944ItalyCaserta War CemeteryVII, D, 15.Daughter of Thomas and Annie Mccay, of Glasgow.
McCLELLANDAlice Margaret ColquhounSisterQAIMNS2714/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of the Revd. C. M. Mcclelland and Mrs. E. C. C. Mcclelland, of Morpeth, Northumberland.
McCLUSKEYMargaretSisterQAIMNS3210/09/1943United KingdomHamilton (Bent) Cemetery1882 Extn. Grave 1908.Daughter of William Joseph and Annie Haley Mccluskey, of Hamilton.
McCOMBIEChristianStaff NurseTFNS2515/01/1919United KingdomNew Pitsligo Parish Churchyard4. 14. B.Daughter of Alexander Mccombie, of Grassiehill, Brucklay, Maud.
McGIBBONR ASisterQAIMNS06/03/1919United KingdomLurgan (Dougher) Roman Catholic CemeteryLeft of main path.Daughter of David and Mary Mcgibbon, of 40, North St., Lurgan.
McGREGORMabel DouglasSisterQAIMNS3007/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of William and Elizabeth Mcgregor.
McMILLANMarion LennoxSisterQAIMNS2812/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Samuel Mitchell Mcmillan, and of Marion Mcintyre Mcmillan, of California, Falkirkshire. S.R.F.N., S.R.N.
McMILLINEllenSisterQAIMNS26/07/1942EgyptMoascar War Cemetery1. A. 5.
McROBBIEJessie ElizabethStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3207/11/1918United KingdomCrieff CemeteryOld ground. 547A.
MEIKLECatherineStaff NurseQAIMNS2314/10/1918United KingdomTottenham CemeteryGen. 7301 (Screen Wall).
MELDRUMIsabelSisterTFNS02/02/1918United KingdomGreenock CemeteryP. 76A.
MILESGladys Evelyn FrancisSisterQAIMNS3023/02/1944United KingdomMorden CemeterySec. I. Grave 1404.Daughter of Henry William John and Jennie Miles, of the Hyde, London. S.R.N.
MILLARFrances AlexanderSisterQAIMNS24/05/1943Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Ramleh War Cemetery3. E. 10.
MILLERCatherine CookStaff NurseTFNS3024/12/1918United KingdomDunfermline CemeteryED. 1694Daughter of William and Isabella Miller of Dunfermline.
MILLSAgnes ChristineSisterQAIMNS4512/02/1946United KingdomWest Malling (St. Mary) ChurchyardGrave 217.Daughter of William Burton Saville Mills and Agnes Mills, of West Malling.
MILNEMabel LeeSisterTFNS02/10/1917FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir CemeteryVI. B. 4.
MILNEHelenSisterQAIMNS3123/11/1917IndiaKirkee 1914-1918 MemorialFace F.Daughter of James and Louisa Helen Milne, of "Bona Vista", 10, Gurney St., Stonehaven, Grampian.
MITCHELLAnnie RamseySisterQAIMNS3409/11/1943South AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) CemeteryMil. Sec. Grave 108.Daughter of Alexander Guild Mitchell and Ann Dunbar Mitchell. S.R.N., S.C.M.
MOIRLily CampbellMatronQAIMNS4908/02/1945United KingdomLeeds (Lawnswood) CrematoriumScreen Wall. Panel 2.Daughter of James and Margaret Moir.
MONTGOMERYHelen LouiseSisterQAIMNS14/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.
MOOREIsabellaSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Thomas and Mary Moore.
MOOREBeatrice Rose (Trissie)SisterQAIMNS3209/12/1945IndiaRanchi War Cemetery8. J. 1.Daughter of Charles Moore and of Helena Moore, of Leytonstone, Essex.
MORETONAdaStaff NurseQAIMNS3807/09/1916IndiaKirkee 1914-1918 MemorialFace F.Daughter of John Frederick Moreton (late Engineer R.N.), and Louisa Elizabeth Moreton.
MORGANIrene BrendaSisterQAIMNS2714/12/1941China, (including Hong Kong)Stanley Military Cemetery1. B. 38.Daughter of Kenneth Dyson Morgan and Marjorie Morgan, of Horsforth, Yorkshire.
MORGANSarahSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
MORGANMarySisterQAIMNS2913/06/1944IndiaCalcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, KolkataPlot O. Row B. Grave 9.Daughter of David and Annie E. Morgan, of Bridgend, Glamorgan.
MORRISDora MarySisterQAIMNS2707/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of David John and Dora Morris, of Blackpill, Swansea.
MUIRAnne WilsonSisterQAIMNS3514/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Martin and Mary Muir.
MUNROREBECCA McmurraySisterQAIMNS3230/04/1920United KingdomMontrose (Rosehill) CemeteryClass A, Section 2 West lair Row 16Daughter of John Munro and the late Elizabeth Shaw of 6 California St., Montrose, Forfarshire.
MURRAYMabelStaff NurseTFNS3502/11/1918United KingdomOxford (Botley) CemeteryI1. 1.Daughter of Alice Murray, of 55, First Avenue, Manor Park, Essex, and the late E. J. Murray (Capt. R.A.).
NICHOLConstance MarySisterQAIMNS2215/08/1945NigeriaYaba CemeteryPlot 4. Row G. Grave 7.Daughter of William and Ethel Nichol, of Brampton, Cumberland.
NICOLCSisterQAIMNS3406/02/1917United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 178707.Daughter of James Nicol and Helen Henderson Nicol, of Westfield, Caithness.
NICOLSONChristina MargaretSisterQAIMNS2207/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Capt. James Henry Nicolson and Janet Elizabeth Nicolson. S.R.N.
NODDERRuth MaryStaff NurseTFNS3324/05/1918PakistanRawalpindi War Cemetery3. A. 6.Daughter of the Rev. J. B. Nodder and Mrs. Nodder, of Ashover Rectory, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
NOLANMargaretSisterQAIMNS2907/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Patrick and Ellen Nolan, of Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Irish Republic.
NUTTALLPhyllisSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Killed at sea on the 12th February, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
O'BRIENMStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)21/02/1917United KingdomAldershot Military CemeteryAG. 363.
O'BRIENBSisterQAIMNS31/07/1945IranTehran War Cemetery1. D. 16.
O'GORMANEileen MarySisterTFNS4220/11/1914United KingdomBristol (Arnos Vale) Roman Catholic CemeteryLG. 2. 2.Daughter of Edward and Margaret O'gorman, of John's Hill, Waterford.
O'LOUGHLINAnnie MargaretSisterQAIMNS2713/09/1943ItalyCassino MemorialPanel 13.Daughter of Mr James O'loughlin and Rosanna O'loughlin of Avoca, Co. Wicklow, Eire.Killed in action when HMHS Newfoundland was bombed off the Salerno beaches, in the Mediterranean
O'LOUGHLINCatherineSisterQAIMNS24/06/1945GermanyCelle War Cemetery2. F. 1.
O'SHEAMarySisterQAIMNS05/01/1941Ireland, Republic ofCork (St. Finbarr's) CemeterySec. 10. Row 10. Grave 41.
O'SULLIVANMargaret MarySisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
O'SULLIVANBridget AgnesSisterQAIMNS3010/02/1946MyanmarRangoon War Cemetery2. B. 7.Daughter of Frederick and Mary O'sullivan, of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Irish Republic.
OXLEYEdith MarySisterQAIMNS4512/12/1918ZimbabweHarare (Pioneer) CemeteryC.E. 455.
PAINTERMollie Laura ArnaudSisterQAIMNS3605/07/1941IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai8. A. 13.Daughter of Lt.-Col. George Evelyn Painter, Formerly of the Royal Engineers, and of Mary Josephine Painter (Nee Murphy), of Epsom, Surrey.
PARKERElizabeth KellyMatronQAIMNS16/10/1916EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial CemeteryB. 4.Daughter of Joseph Donaldson Parker, J.P., and Elizabeth Dobbs Parker, of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.
PARTRIDGEConstance HarrietStaff NurseQAIMNS4205/01/1920United KingdomVentnor Cemetery447R.Daughter of Arthur William and Blanche Emily Partridge.
PATERSONJessie JaneStaff NurseTFNS3429/09/1916GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria1,555Daughter of Marion Isabella Paterson, of 3, Craignair St., Dalbeattie, and the late James Paterson.
PEACHKatherine VeronicaSisterTANS3008/06/1941EgyptIsmailia War Memorial Cemetery6. B. 2.
PEARSEPhyllis AdaStaff NurseQAIMNS2829/04/1915FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le HavreDiv. 19. B. 10.Daughter of Livian Francis and Emily Ada Pearse, of 8, Eldon Park, South Norwood. London.
PEDLOWEdith DoreenSisterQAIMNS20/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Pedlow.
PEPPEREdith DorothyProbationer NurseQAIMNS2507/04/1918EgyptCairo War Memorial CemeteryO. 145.Daughter of William Ernest and Edith M. Pepper, of Manor House, Nocton, Lincoln.
PHILLIPSJSisterQAIMNS21/03/1917United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, Southampton
PHILLIPSKSisterQAIMNS2526/05/1946IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery1. D. 7.Daughter of Thomas and Katie Phillips, of Cloontia, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.
PIGOTTNorah KathleenSisterQAIMNS3309/09/1947Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Ramleh War Cemetery9. K. 21.Daughter of George Bert and Florence Mawdsley Pigott.
PILLINGDoris EllenProbationer NurseQAIMNS2428/03/1919United KingdomHammersmith Old CemeteryScreen Wall. South Avenue. B. 125.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Pilling, of 4, Glazbury Rd., West Kensington, London. South Avenue.
PIRIEBarbaraSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
PITTJoanSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Ernest E. Pitt and Maggie Pitt, of Banff.
PORTERFIELDHelenSisterQAIMNS21/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.
PORTINGALEJanet ScottSisterQAIMNS3207/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of William Robert and Helen Scott Portingale, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
PRESTFlorrieSisterTANS4726/10/1947United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) CemeterySec. 6E. Grave 2106.Daughter of Alfred Dearlove Prest and Sarah Elizabeth Prest, of Harrogate.
PRICEMargaret MarySisterQAIMNS2611/04/1946IndiaKirkee War Cemetery1. B. 17.Daughter of Alfred Arthur and Diana Mary Price, of Rhyl, Flintshire. S.R.N.
PRINGLEChristina ShielSisterQAIMNS3912/06/1942IraqBasra War Cemetery7. E. 2.Daughter of William and Christina Pringle, of Fort William, Inverness-Shire.
QUINEllen WinifredSisterQAIMNS4102/07/1943United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Quin.
RADCLIFFEE BSisterQAIMNS10/03/1919FranceLes Baraques Military Cemetery, SangatteXVIII. A. 1.Sister of Mrs. W. Haigh, of 'Fair Oaks' Samares, Jersey, Channel Islands.
REEDMargaret EllenSisterQAIMNS12/12/1942EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery3. E. 6.
REIDA CStaff NurseQAIMNS3204/03/1919EgyptCairo War Memorial CemeteryQ. 281.Daughter of Peter Campbell, of Beancross, Polmont, Stirlingshire; Widow of John Reid, of Grangemouth.
RHODENEileen ElizabethSisterQAIMNS3002/07/1943United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 2.Daughter of Frederick John and Catherine Mary Rhoden.
RICHARDSONSybil GwendolineSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
RITCHIEJessieStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)13/08/1916GreeceSalonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery0.10.Sister of James Ritchie, of the Neuk, Rosemount, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.
ROBERTSAnnie LouiseSisterQAIMNS(R)28/09/1916United KingdomBirkenhead (Flaybrick Hill) Cemetery3. N.C. 403.
ROBERTSJaneStaff NurseQAIMNS10/04/1917FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre"Salta" Memorial.
ROBERTSEStaff NurseQAIMNS12/08/1917United KingdomRhyl Town Cemetery1,899
ROBERTSM DStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)31/12/1917EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial CemeteryB. 44.
ROBERTSPenelope GraceMatronQAIMNS(R)31/12/1943United KingdomWimbledon (Gap Road) CemeteryPlot J.A. Grave 243.Daughter of Lt.-Col. Francis Roberts, Formerly of the Royal Artillery, and Mrs. Roberts.
ROBERTSONHelen MurraySisterQAIMNS2112/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of William and Jessie Robertson, of Fordyce, Banffshire.
ROBINETTECaroline AmeliaStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)30/03/1917United KingdomHerne Bay CemeteryT. 114.
ROBINSONElizabethSisterTFNS12/07/1919IraqBasra War CemeteryII. D. 2.Daughter of Mrs. Robinson, of 130, Ethel St., Newcastle-On-Tyne.
RODWELLMaryStaff NurseQAIMNS17/11/1915United KingdomHollybrook Memorial, Southampton
ROGERSClaraSisterTANS21/04/1944United KingdomPinhoe (St. Michael) ChurchyardDaughter of Thomas and Sophia Mckinlay.
ROWLANDSHelena MayStaff NurseTFNS2610/05/1919United KingdomAbergele CemeteryN.W. 19.Daughter of Mrs. A. E. Rowlands, of Bod Gwynant, Abergele.
RUSSELLA MStaff NurseQAIMNS04/10/1916United KingdomReading Cemetery3. 13308.
RUSSELLWinifredMatronQAIMNS5414/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of John Philip Beadon Russell and Sarah Ann Russell.
SATCHELLMarySisterQAIMNS08/05/1945United KingdomLincoln (Newport) CemeterySec. L. Grave 111.Daughter of William James Satchell and of Jeanne Satchell (Nee Faulkner). S.R.N., S.C.M.
SAWNellieStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2931/03/1919AustraliaAlbany Public Cemetery (Old)Meth Section. Row A. Grave 1
SAXONEthelStaff NurseTFNS2603/09/1917IndiaDelhi Memorial (India Gate)Face 23.Daughter of Henry and Adelaide Saxon, of the Rosery, Kingsland, Herefordshire. (Buried Karachi Cem. Ba. A. 15.).
SCHLUTERElsa Jean MorrisSisterQAIMNS2518/07/1945PakistanKarachi War Cemetery6. B. 9.Daughter of James and Jean Mudie Gibson Watt, of Hunters Quay, Dunoon, Argyllshire. S.R.N.
SCOTTIsabellaSisterQAIMNS3321/08/1946IndiaDelhi War Cemetery5. K. 14.Daughter of John and Jessie Mabel Scott, of Eccles, Lancashire.
SENIORDoris EnaSisterQAIMNS2712/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of George H. White and Eliza White, of Barnby Don, Yorkshire.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
SENTANCED MSisterQAIMNS2426/03/1947United KingdomEnfield (Lavender Hill) CemeterySec. B. Cons. Grave 1181.Daughter of Martin A. Sentance and May F. Sentance, of Enfield.
SEYMOURConstance Emily MaryProbationer NurseQAIMNS2912/02/1917United KingdomAldershot Military CemeteryAG. 383.Daughter of Lord and Lady Ernest Seymour, of the Firs, Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
SHARPECharlotte MarySisterQAIMNS02/07/1944United KingdomNassington And Yarwell CemeteryRow L. Grave 17-18.
SHOREFlorence NightingaleSisterQAIMNS16/01/1920United KingdomHanwell (City Of Westminster) CemeteryA. 6449.Daughter of offley Shore, of Norton Hale, Derbyshire. A Kinswoman of Florence Nightingale; Served Nearly 5 Years As A Nursing Sister.
SIMPSONElizabethStaff NurseTFNS10/05/1917United KingdomUphall CemeteryJ. 33.
SLANNHilda RoseSisterQAIMNS5405/10/1943United KingdomCity Of London Cemetery And Crematorium, Manor ParkCremation, Panel 16.Daughter of Francis Reuben and Rose Elizabeth Slann, of Hereford.
SMITHSusie Marie ColbournStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3712/02/1916United KingdomWolverhampton Borough Cemetery2,981Daughter of Ellen R. Smith, of 67, Allen Rd., Wolverhampton, and the late John I. Smith.
SMITHJeanie BarclaySisterQAIMNS4228/04/1916FranceEtaples Military CemeteryI. B. 27.Daughter of John and Margaret Macpherson Smith, of Aberlour, Banffshire.
SMITHF EStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)01/07/1918United KingdomManchester (Gorton) CemeteryP. C.E. 140...
SMITHCStaff NurseTFNS26/01/1920United KingdomLeeds (Lawnswood) CemeteryScreen Wall. Cremated and ashes scattered.
SMITHMarjorieSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
SMITHDorothy MildredMatronQAIMNS4420/01/1945United KingdomBells Hill Burial GroundRow D.3. Grave 73A.Daughter of Alfred Arthur and Helen Frances Augusta Smith. Her Brother Bombardier Robert Laurence Smith, R.F.A. (Died 1st December, 1919), Is Also Buried Here.
SMITHJessie Sanderson LowrieSisterQAIMNS(R)2725/07/1947United KingdomDalkeith New CemeterySec. I. Grave 148.Daughter of Alexander Kerr Smith and Margaret Lowrie Smith, of Dalkeith.
SMITHIESEllen LouiseStaff NurseTFNS4222/02/1919United KingdomCity Of London Cemetery And Crematorium, Manor Park85. 25197.Daughter of A. H. and Henrietta M. Smithies, of 245, York Rd., West Hartlepool. Born In London.
SPEDDINGVera VenetiaSisterQAIMNS3020/02/1940United KingdomBrookwood CemeterySt. Matthew's Avenue, Grave 202003.Daughter of John Anthony and Vera Spedding, of Keswick, Cumberland.
SPELLENEileen MargaretSisterQAIMNS2605/11/1944United KingdomHerne Bay CemeterySec. IIR. Joint grave 29.Daughter of 2/Lt. John Neville Spellen, Home Guard, and Jessie Gertrude Spellen, of Herne Bay.
SPENCEIsobelSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
SPINDLERNellieStaff NurseQAIMNS2621/08/1917BelgiumLijssenthoek Military CemeteryXVI. A. 3.Daughter of George and Elizabeth Spindler, of Wakefield. One of Only Two Female Casualties of the Great War Buried In Belgium.
STACEYDorothy LouiseStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2505/10/1918United KingdomSherborne Cemetery17. 257.Daughter of Alfred John and Mary M. Stacey, of Charlton Horethorne, Dorset.
STALKERM BSisterQAIMNS18/01/1921United KingdomComrie Cemetery407 (3).
STANLEYAdaStaff NurseTFNS4622/12/1915United KingdomArmitage Bridge (St. Paul) ChurchyardIn North West Part.
STEPHENSONGertrude AnnieSisterQAIMNS4225/03/1918United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 180751.Daughter of Andrew and Mary Ann Elizabeth Stephenson.
STEVENSLottie M.Staff NurseQAIMNS15/03/1916EgyptAlexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial CemeteryQ. 565.
STEWARTElizabeth GraceStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)15/02/1916United KingdomAldershot Military CemeteryAH. 343.Daughter of H. L. Stewart, of Limerick.
STEWARTWilma BridgesStaff NurseTFNS10/07/1918United KingdomFrensham (St. Mary) ChurchyardOn West boundary.Daughter of Charles W. and Sarah Bridges Stewart, of 19, Pembroke Crescent, Hove, Sussex.
STRACHANElizabethSisterTANS17/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.
STRATFORDDorothy MurielSisterTANS3207/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Hubert and Muriel Stratford, of Worthing, Sussex. Her Brother, Laurence Dacre Stratford, Also Died On Service.
STURTKate RosinaStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2813/12/1916United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH 178344.Daughter of William and Kate Jane Sturt, of 50, Hampton Rd., Forest Gate, London.
SULLIVANNancySisterQAIMNS4014/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of John and Annie Evans, of Treorchy, Glamorgan; Wife of Maj. G. M. Sullivan, R.A.S.C., of Fareham, Hampshire. S.R.N., S.R.F.N.
SUTHERLANDBarbara MunroSisterQAIMNS3107/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Sutherland, of Bettyhill, Sutherlandshire.
SWAINL MStaff NurseTFNS31/08/1915EgyptAlexandria (Chatby) Military And War Memorial CemeteryQ. 522.
SYMONDSLorna SybilSisterQAIMNS14/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of William Henry Buckner Symonds and Sybil Elizabeth Symonds; Niece of Lt.-Col. H. Bertram Foster, Formerly of the I.M.S., of Dry Hill Park, Tonbridge, Kent.
TAYLORKatherine Mary MonicaSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.
TEGGINEugenie ElizabethStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2825/12/1918United KingdomSt. Martin's Churchyard, ShropshireIn old ground North East of Church.Daughter of Mrs. M. A. Teggin, of the Willows, St. Martin's Moors, Oswestry, Salop.
THOMASLilianStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)2714/08/1918United KingdomLiverpool (Toxteth Park) CemeteryVIII. C.E. 666.Daughter of Mrs. E. Thomas of "Carrock," High Bebington Rd., Lower Bebington, Cheshire.
THOMASMargaret EvansStaff NurseTFNS2808/11/1918United KingdomUnited Kingdom Book Of Remembrance
THOMASJane Mair GeorgeSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas, of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.
THOMPSONMinnie BaileyStaff NurseTFNS4518/09/1914United KingdomBrompton CemeteryN. 172593.Daughter of George and Emma Thompson.
THOMSONElizabeth RobertsonSisterQAIMNS3626/10/1918United KingdomEdinburgh (Rosebank) CemeteryS. E/60.Daughter of Jane Thomson, and the late Capt George Thomson.
THOMSONElizabeth MacdonaldSisterQAIMNS10/12/1945United KingdomHuntly CemeterySec. P. Grave 1700.Daughter of John Thomson and of Jane Thomson (Nee Sutherland).
TINDALLFSisterQAIMNS(R)15/01/1918IraqBasra War CemeteryI. G. 11.
TOMBSDorothy HelenSisterQAIMNS17/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Benjamin D. R. and Ethel Mabel Tombs, of Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire.
TONGEMary IsabelSisterQAIMNS3213/10/1942United KingdomShrewsbury General CemeteryExtn. Plot 10. Grave 302.Daughter of Charles Percival and Adeline Constance Tonge, of Gillingham, Kent.
TOOHEYKathleenSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Cornelius and Margaret Toohey, of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Irish Republic.
TOONGertrude LilianSisterQAIMNS2423/10/1943AlgeriaEl Alia Cemetery12. C. 13.Daughter of George Edwin and Henrietta Toon, of Belgrave, Leicester.
TOWNSENDMarthaStaff NurseQAIMNS21/09/1918GreeceMikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria310Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Townsend, of "Redwalls," Rollstones Rd., Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex.
TREVETHANRStaff NurseTFNS04/09/1917IraqAmara War CemeteryXIV. A. 30.
TRUMANLilian SarahSisterTANS4610/10/1945ItalyBologna War CemeteryIII, C, 1.Daughter of William and Sarah Truman.
TUDORHettie AnnieSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Charles Richard and Sarah Ann Tudor, of Cardigan.
TULLOCHEdith SarahStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3308/10/1918United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 181689.Daughter of John Cromarty Tulloch and Amelia Clarke Tulloch.
TURTONAlice MaryStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)3607/05/1917EgyptIsmailia War Memorial CemeteryA. 31.Daughter of Mr. W. R. and Mrs. S. A. Turton.
URQUHARTMary Annie RossSisterQAIMNS3112/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22 Column 3.Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Urquhart, of Rhelonie, Sutherlandshire.
VAN KEDDTMargaretSisterBurma Hospital Corps14/05/1942IndiaGauhati War CemeterySp. Mem. No. 4.Known To Have Been Buried at Tezpur, Assam.
VAUSEDoreenSisterQAIMNS(R)2528/06/1947KenyaMombasa (Mbaraki) CemeteryProt. Service Plot. Row N. Grave 54.Daughter of Frank and Elsie Vause, of Portington, Yorkshire.
VIANSylvia HelenSisterQAIMNS16/10/1941United KingdomBathampton (St. Nicholas) ChurchyardS.E. of church tower.
VINTERBerthaStaff NurseTFNS30/05/1918United KingdomCamberwell Old Cemetery101. 25354.Daughter of Mrs. Vinter, of 113, Wyndham Rd., Camberwell, London.
WAKEFIELDJessie EmilySisterTFNS3907/02/1919FranceEtaples Military CemeteryXLV. B. 3.Daughter of Richard and Emily Wakefield, of Maidstone, Kent.
WALKERKathleen HewisonSisterQAIMNS2412/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Ernest and Jamesina Hewison Scott, of Westray, Orkney.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
WALLACELillieStaff NurseQAIMNS(R)06/06/1916United KingdomBrookwood CemeteryH. 177644.
WALSHEM AStaff NurseQAIMNS21/08/1915MaltaAddolorata CemeteryE. EA. A. 661.
WALTERSJoyceSisterTANS3827/10/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of William and Hannah Jane Walters. S.R.N., C.M.B.Killed when the MV Stentor was torpedoed by a German U-Boat and sunk NW of the Canary Islands
WARWICKRoberta AliceSisterQAIMNS4012/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Charles Joseph and Anne Almond Warwick.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
WATERSGladysSisterQAIMNS3107/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of John Waters, and of Mary Waters, of Harrington, Cumberland.
WATSONDorothyStaff NurseTFNS13/03/1917MaltaPieta Military CemeteryXXIX. 4.Died of Measles Toxaemia
WATSONElizabeth HarveyStaff NurseQAIMNS3005/11/1918FranceCaudry British CemeteryIV. F. 3.Daughter of Robert H. Watson, of Hillsborough St., Dromore, Co. Down.
WATSONMStaff NurseQAIMNS06/11/1918United KingdomCrieff CemeteryOld ground. 460A.
WATSONElizabeth HaySisterQAIMNS3825/05/1944ItalyBari War CemeteryX. A. 29.Daughter of William George and Elizabeth Watson.
WELFORDAliceSisterQAIMNS(R)3015/01/1918IraqBasra War CemeteryI. G. 13.Daughter of James and Mary Welford, of Crathorne, Yarm, Yorks.
WELLSBrenda IreneSisterQAIMNS3214/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Arthur Elliott and Ethel Wells, of Louth, Lincolnshire. S.R.N., S.C.M., S.R.F.N.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers
WESTCicely Lucy MayMatronQAIMNS5114/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 113.Daughter of Edwin and Eliza West.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers
WHEATLEYAnnieSisterTFNS4801/08/1919United KingdomBrighouse CemeteryD. "U" 106.Daughter of Thomas and Jane Wheatley, of Brighouse.
WHEELOCKLilian Maria EthelSisterQAIMNS2807/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Isaac and Ellen Jane Wheelock.
WHITAKERMafalda SeleneSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Gilbert and Zaira Whitaker, of Leeds, Yorkshire.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
WHITEKatherine Frances MarySisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Matthew O. Byrne White and May White, of Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Irish Republic.
WHITEGwendoline MaySisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Lewis William and Alice Angelene White, of Northolt Park, Greenford, Middlesex S.R.N.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
WHITEHEADMaySisterTANS4902/07/1943United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ann Whitehead.
WILLIAMSKatherineStaff NurseQAIMNS3804/08/1919United KingdomColwyn Bay (Bronynant) CemeteryE. 408.Daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, of Cambria, Abergele Rd., Colwyn Bay.
WILLISF ASisterTFNS15/12/1919United KingdomManor Park Cemetery144. 211.
WILLISAnnie AmeliaSisterQAIMNS3312/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Frank and Alice Willis. of New Zealand.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean
WILLSMary ElizabethStaff NurseTFNS3330/03/1918United KingdomJarrow Cemetery7. 232.Daughter of Jabez and Mary Wills, of 62, Wansbeck St., Jarrow.
WILLSHylda BeatriceSisterTANS2802/04/1944Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Ramleh War Cemetery5. B. 12.Daughter of Joseph Henry and Kate Bodenham Wills.
WILLSONNellieStaff NurseQAIMNS3016/10/1918United KingdomConingsby CemeterySpec. Memorial.Daughter of Arthur Willson, of 5, Queen St., Billinghay. Alternative Commemoration - Buried In Billinghay (St. Michael) Church Cemetery.
WILSONMyrtle ElizabethSisterQAIMNS3823/12/1915FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIII. M. 1.Daughter of Andrew Stevens Wilson and Catherine Wilson, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Left Queensland For Nursing Service, April, 1915.
WILSONChristina MurdochSisterQAIMNS4201/03/1916FranceWimereux Communal CemeteryIII. L. 4.Daughter of the late Thomas and Agnes Park Wilson, of Glasgow.
WILSONEdith MarySisterTANS3714/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of William Campbell Wilson and Mary Hannah Wilson.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers
WILSONMargaret Mary IsolineSisterQAIMNS4025/08/1942United KingdomKirk Christ Lezayre (Holy Trinity) ChurchyardBlock B. Grave 34.Daughter of George and Margaret Alice Wilson, of Liverpool.
WINGATEAdeline RitaSisterQAIMNS07/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Churchill James Wingate and Mari Wingate, of Hereford.Lost at sea when the SS Ceramic was attacked by a U-Boat off the Azores.
WOLSELEY-LEWISAnnSisterEast African Military Nursing Service3012/02/1944KenyaEast Africa MemorialColumn 75.Daughter of Christopher and Agnes Stirke, of Bedale, Yorkshire; Wife of Arthur Wolseley-Lewis, of G/1911, Kenya.
WOODWinifred Mary FrySisterQAIMNS2507/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of Charles William and Winifred Fry; Adopted Daughter and Niece of Cyril R. J. Wood and Florence Elsie Wood, of St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight.Lost at sea when the SS Ceramic was attacked by a U-Boat off the Azores.
WOODERSONWinifred VeraSisterQAIMNS3127/05/1947Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Ramleh War Cemetery9. G. 21.Daughter of William and Kathleen Wooderson; Step-Daughter of Janet Macdonald Wooderson, of Bexleyheath, Kent.
WOODHEADMargerySisterQAIMNS3017/05/1942IndiaCalcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, KolkataPlot O. Row G. Grave 42.Daughter of James and Beatrice Woodhead, of Stirton, Yorkshire.
WOODHOUSEMarySisterTANS3707/12/1942United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Daughter of George Burton Woodhouse and Mary Woodhouse.Lost at sea when the SS Ceramic was attacked by a U-Boat off the Azores.
WOODLEYAda AnnSisterTFNS3210/01/1918United KingdomLittlebury (Holy Trinity) ChurchyardDaughter of Mrs. S. Perrin, of Littlebury.
WORTConstance Doterel MarySisterQAIMNS3301/05/1945IndiaDigboi War Cemetery4.E.2.Daughter of William and Bessie Annie Wort, of Highfield, Southampton. S.R.N., S.C.M.
WRENPatriciaSisterQAIMNS3403/07/1945ItalyCaserta War CemeteryVIII, C, 5.Daughter of Clement Alma Joseph Wren and of Jane Wren (Nee Soutter).S.R.N.
WRIGHTHannah ElizabethStaff NurseQAIMNS22/10/1918ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, GenoaI. C. 23.Eldest Daughter of John and Emma Wright, of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
WRIGHTIreneSisterQAIMNS14/02/1942SingaporeSingapore MemorialColumn 114.Daughter of Albert Ernest and Eliza Jane Wright, of Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.Lost at sea when the SS Kuala was sunk by Japanese bombers
WRIGHTJanie BerylSisterQAIMNS3208/07/1944LibyaKnightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma9. C. 1.Daughter of William John and Emma Wright, of Devonport. S.R.N.
YOUNGEleanor JaneSisterQAIMNS12/02/1944United KingdomBrookwood 1939-1945 MemorialPanel 22. Column 3.Killed at sea on the 12th February 1944, when the SS Khedive Ismail was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Indian Ocean


This is the official site for the history and heritage of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps and its antecedents (Army Nursing Service; Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve); Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, Territorial Force Nursing Service, Territorial Army Nursing Service)

  • Army Nurses playing cricket during the Boer War
    Army Nurses playing cricket during the Boer War

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There are records of nurses caring for sick and wounded soldiers as far back as the English Civil War1. At this time sick and wounded soldiers were usually cared for by the local population, and often at the expense of the village or town. Parliamentarian forces had the ancient London hospitals (Bridewell, Christ’s, Bethlehem, St Thomas’s, St Bartholomew’s and Sutton’s Hospitals) to support them. In these hospitals nurses cared for sick and wounded soldiers as they would any other patients admitted to their wards.

The first hospital built to support the military was in 1683 at Portsmouth after the campaign in Flanders in the reign of Charles II2. Although this hospital was for sick and wounded soldiers the staff were all civilians. Other than this small hospital the remaining soldiers were still left to be cared for by the civilian population.

During the Seven Years War (1756-1763) a hospital was set up in Portugal with Mrs Sullivan as Matron and a number of British nurses as staff3. During the Peninsular (1807-1814) and Napoleonic (1903-1815) Wars soldiers continued to be looked after by civilian populations. In addition, regiments allowed a number of the wives of soldiers (4-6 per company) to accompany the regiment on campaign. These women helped with cooking and in the upkeep of uniforms as well as providing some basic nursing care. They were not obliged to help the wounded but most did, and some were killed on the battlefields, including Waterloo.

By the time of the Crimean War (1853-1856) medical support was more organised but nursing care was left to orderlies who may have been trained, or who might have been drawn from the regiments taking part in the campaign4. The story of Nightingale has been well documented and requires no further expansion here other than to note two points: firstly, this was the first deployment of any sizeable body of nurses from the UK to support a military campaign overseas; and secondly, that Nightingale remains possibly the only nurse associated with military nursing to have been afforded a “heroic” status that overshadowed the contributions of her colleagues5. The nurses who went out to the Crimea were all civilians who came under the protection of the Army but were not part of it. The formation of the ANS in 1881 enabled the flexible deployment of nurses whilst retaining a chain of command and reporting.

Army Nursing Service
In 1881 the Army Nursing Service (ANS) was formed. Nurses wore military uniform and were employed directly to care for military patients. The ANS, although nominally a military formation was not an established part of the Army and did not sit within any of the directorates of the War Office. Army Nursing sisters served in support of many of the campaigns that took place between the Crimean War and the Boer War.

Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve)
The small number of full time nurses in the Army Nursing Service, was always going to be a problem in a major conflict. In 1897 an Army Nursing Service Reserve was established, run by a committee chaired by Princess Christian, hence it was known as Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service Reserve (PCANSR). In wartime it came under the direction of the War Office. During the war in South Africa the PCANSR underpinned the employment of some 2000 nurses from all over the world.

Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service
The experience of the Boer War in South Africa, led to reorganisation of the Army Nursing Service and in 1902 Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) was established, followed by the QAIMNS Reserve in 1908. These nursing services mobilised for duty with the Expeditionary Force, serving through the war years on every front. In World War II, the QAIMNS & QAIMNSR served in every campaign, nursing the sick and wounded and sharing the hazards of warfare. Many nurses lost their lives, and some spent many years as internees.

Territorial Force Nursing Service
The Territorial Force Nursing Service (TFNS) was originally formed to staff the territorial force hospitals at home, and the majority of its members spent their wartime service in the United Kingdom, not only in the 25 territorial hospitals, but also in hundreds of auxiliary units throughout the British Isles. Within a short time they were also employed in the eighteen territorial hospitals abroad, and alongside their QAIMNS colleagues in military hospitals and casualty clearing stations in France, Belgium, Malta, Salonica, Gibraltar, Egypt, Mesopotamia and East Africa.

Territorial Army Nursing Service
The Territorial Army Nursing Service (TANS) was formed in 1920, when the Territorial Force was renamed the Territorial Army. It existed until 1949, when both regular and reserve nurses joined the QARANC. Territorial Army nurses served alongside QAIMNS nurses all over the world, and in all campaigns during WW2.

Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
On 1st February 1949 the QAIMNS became Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC). In July 1950 the first non-commissioned ranks were admitted to the Corps, and in 1954 the first nurses to undertake State Registered Nurse training within the Corps successfully passed their examinations. However, the QARANC was still an all-female organisation as male nurses at this point, were members of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), and it was not until April 1992 that male nurses transferred to the QARANC.


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