Kate Luard’s Boer War Letter: 7th July 1900

Top Note: I shan’t inflict a letter of this length on you every mail. There isn’t time for one thing & there is always more to say the first time. It was addressed to T | F | Home | A-T Dear Daisy We arrived here at 3 p.m. today, after 15 hours in the train from Durban. We were … Read More

Kate Luard’s Boer War Letter: 17th June 1900

The letter was addressed to: P (brother Edwin Percy Luard) Fk (brother Frederick Bramston Luard) T. Chatham (brother Trant Bramston Luard) Dear People, I suppose it is time for another letter but there seems really nothing to say. We are at 7o N. of the Equator today & just level with Sierra Leone, but I don’t see land anywhere & … Read More

Kate Luard: Early Years

Kate Evelyn Luard was born in 1872, into a large family  , and spent her earliest years in Aveley, where her father, Rev. Bixby Luard, was the Vicar . Later the family moved to Birch where they lived in Birch Rectory. Birch Rectory Kate’s siblings: Frederick Bramston Luard, born 3rd November 1861 Hugh Bixby Luard, born 13th October 1862 Alexander … Read More

Kate Luard’s Boer War Letters

Kate Luard joined the Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve) in March 1900, and served in South Africa during the Boer War. Although she is best known for her letters from WW1 published as Unknown Warriors, she also wrote many letters home from her first period of military service in South Africa. These letters are in the Essex County Record Office (in bundle … Read More