Army Nursing before the Boer War

The following table lists the nurses in the Army Nursing Service in 1898
The table draws on information from the Army Lists, Medal Rolls, Nursing Journals, and information in the Boer War Database. They are presented in alphabetical order by surname.

SurnameForename(s)GradeTitleEnlistmentRRCPosting1Medal RollsComments
ADDAMS-WILLIAMSFlorence EllenSuperintendentMissOctober 1, 1885Canterbury
ANDERSONACL (Catherine)SisterMissOctober 3,1894Rochester Row
BONDNellie AugerSisterMissMarch 15, 1897 (Reserve)NetleyMarried in 1898, becoming Mrs Clarke. Sister of Alice Sweeting Bond
BONDAlice SweetingSisterMissJanuary 27, 1892NetleySister of Nellie Auger Bond
BROWNESidney JaneSuperintendentMissMay 20, 1887WoolwichSaw active service in Egypt2
CAMERONAnna GardinerSisterMissJune 13, 1891Egypt
CAULFIELDAnne EllenSuperintendentMissEgypt, TransvaalEgypt 18823
CHADWICKClara MavesynSuperintendentMissOctober 10, 1882Gosport
COLEMary Cecil Florence KateSuperintendentMissJanuary 1, 1883EgyptChatham
COXElizabethSisterMissJuly 22, 1892Curragh
COXEmily AgnesSisterMissNovember 1, 1897Netley
DE MONTMORENCYMLSuperintendentMissFebruary 7, 1898Devonport
DOBBINRebecca RhodaSisterMissFebruary 11, 1891Cork
DOWSEElizabeth AnnSuperintendentMissJuly 1, 1898Gosport
DRURYLaura Beatrice AliceSisterMissDecember 19, 1896Dublin
FLETCHERMargaret FannySisterMissApril 13, 1891Aldershot
FORRESTMina MacLaverSisterMissNovember 16, 1886Egypt
GARRIOCKAnnSuperintendentMiss July 22, 1899Woolwich
GRAYJane AnnSuperintendentMrsSeptember 22, 1884Zululand, EgyptRochester RowSouth Africa 1877-794 Egypt 18825Active service in Egypt 1882 and Zululand & Ashanti Campaign 18966
GRAYElizabeth WhiteSisterMissMay 7 1897
GRISTAFSuperintendentMissOctober 21, 1886EgyptEgypt
HARDEMENTLynSuperintendentReserve until 1900Devenport
HARPERMary EllenSisterMissApril 12, 1889EgyptEgypt
HARTSarah FrancisSuperintendentMissFebruary 18, 1887EgyptChatham
HILLMary GreenfellSisterNovember 18, 1893Aldershot
HITCHMaud SarahSisterMissNovember 1, 1890Aldershot
HOADLEYJaneSisterMissSeptember 7, 1893Woolwich
HOLLANDElizaSuperintendentMissOctober 28, 1897Portsmouth
JEFFCOTTMMSisterMissJune 3, 1891Egypt
JERRARDIsabella JuliaSuperintendentMissSeptember 8, 1882Egypt, TransvaalCurraghEgypt 18827
KEERCaroline HelenSisterMissDecember 19, 1887Dover
KINAHANIsabel Anna GerrardSisterMissJuly 1 1897Rochester Row
KNOXMarianne Catherine SmithSisterMissOctober 1, 1887Aldershot
MACINTYRERTSisterMissFebruary 24, 1897Gosport
MACKAYLJSuperintendentMrsJanuary 23, 1886Egypt, TransvaalEgypt
MAKEPEACEMary RidleySisterMissOctober 15, 1894Shorncliffe
MARKAGSuperintendentMissJuly 25, 1895EgyptMalta
MARTINEthel JaneActing SuperintendentMissAugust 2, 1893Colchester
McCURDYHarrietSisterMissNovember 25, 1886GibraltarActive Service during the Ashanti Campaign 18958 (NRHW, 1895)
MILNEBWSisterNot Boer WarRochester Row
MORRISELSisterMissNot Boer WarPortsmouth
MURPHYAgnes AnnieSisterMissMay 23, 1894Dublin
NEALEHelen LouisaSisterMissOctober 5, 1894Canterbury
NIXONAmySisterMissOctober 1, 1894Woolwich
NOBLEElizabeth TreacherSisterMissJune 4, 1891Portsmouth
NORMANHelen CampbellLady SuperintendentMissNovember 1, 1889EgyptNetleySuakim Expedition (Sudan) 18859
ORAMSarah ElizabethSuperintendentMissMay 8, 1899EgyptDoverDongola Expedition 189610
OTTLEYJESisterMissMay 12, 1891Egypt
PAYNEGertrude MarySuperintendentMissDecember 13, 1886Malta
POTTERWilhelminaSisterMissNovember 15 1897Canterbury
POTTSCaroline HuttonActing SuperintendentMissJanuary 6, 1897ColchesterActive Service during the Ashanti Campaign 189511
ROSEMCSisterMissNot Boer WarRochester Row
ROSE-INNESAnnie RoseSisterMissDecember 6, 1894Aldershot
RUSSELLMaySuperintendentMiss November 15, 1893Colchester
RYANESuperintendentMissJune 19, 1891Crete (Malta)Malta
SAMMUTAJSuperintendentMissFebruary 21, 1893Shorncliffe
SAUNDERGertrude ElizabethSisterMiss27 December 1893Curragh
SNOWDONSelina YsibellaActing SuperintendentMissJanuary 6, 1894Devenport
STEELEClara Kathleen EmilySisterMissSeptember 1, 1896Cork
STEENLavinia Eliza CarolineSisterMissMarch 13, 1897Woolwich
STEWARTLouisa MarySuperintendentMissDecember 16, 1889GibraltarEgypt 188212
TAITAlice EmilySisterMissApril 18, 1896Woolwich
THOMASMarthaSuperintendentMissNovember 10, 1885EgyptAldershot
TRIPPDorcas DouglasSisterMissOctober 6, 1894Chatham
TULLOHLouisa WatsonSisterMissSeptember 18, 1887WoolwichActive Service Assouan (Sudan) 188913
VAUGHANSarah BlancheSuperintendentMissJuly 1, 1889Gibraltar
WEBBSarah EmilySuperintendentMissOctober 8, 1898EgyptEgypt
WILSHAWSarah LucySisterMissOctober 6, 1887EgyptEgypt
WILSONJanet WalkerSisterMissJuly 1,1895Malta
WILSONMarySisterMissOctober 12, 1897Netley
WRIGHTESuperintendentMissNovember 14, 1889Gibraltar
WRIGHTMariaSisterMissJune 20, 1889Malta

Sister Jane Gray
an example of a nurse in the ANS who served before and during the Boer War…

Although Keiron’s research shows that few of the nurses that served in the Boer War had any military experience, there were some who had experience of military nursing in Africa as well as other parts of the world. At the start of the Boer War Sister Jane Gray was the Matron of the Guards Hospital, Vincent Square, London. She was the senior nurse in the service having entered the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley in 1873 after training at the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool.

She served in the Zulu War, and in the first Egyptian Campaign in 1882, in a hospital less than 12 miles from Tel el Kebir. She was away from home for nearly four years as she followed the Gordon Relief Expedition up the Nile and nursed soldiers at Wadi Haifa during a cholera epidemic.

In 1896 she was one of the three Sisters (Sister McCurdy and Sister Potts being the others) who went out to the Gold Coast on the HS Coromandel. Superintendent Sister Sidney Browne (later to be the first Matron-in-Chief of the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS)) gave her a bouquet of chrysanthemums. The sisters on the Coromandel had no wounded to deal with as this was a bloodless campaign, but had many soldiers to care for, who had malaria.

So by the start of the Boer War she had seen service in Egypt and Sudan, the Zulu War, and the Ashanti campaigns on the Gold Coast.


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