This list of British Army nursing recipients is a work in progress and by no means complete. Please use the index to find the person you are interested in.

The Royal Red Cross (RRC)

The RRC award was introduced by Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria on the 27th April, 1883. The decoration was awarded to army nurses for exceptional services, devotion to duty and professional competence in British military nursing. The Royal Warrant stated that the Royal Red Cross medal be given:

upon any ladies, whether subjects or foreign persons, who may be recommended by Our Secretary of State for War for special exertions in providing for the nursing of sick and wounded soldiers and sailors of Our Army and Navy1

The Royal Red Cross conferred the right to use RRC as a post-nominal. The badge for RRC is in the shape of a golden cross, 1.375 inches wide, the obverse enamelled red, with a circular medallion bearing an image of the reigning monarch at its centre. The words "Faith", "Hope" and "Charity" are inscribed on the upper limbs of the cross, with the year "1883" in the lower limb. The reverse is plain except a circular medallion bearing the Royal Cypher of the monarch.  


The Associate Royal Red Cross (ARRC)

The Associate of the Royal Red Cross was instituted by Royal Warrant on 10th November 1915. Recipients of this award are designated "Associates of the Royal Red Cross". The award is made to trained nurses who have shown special devotion in nursing the sick and wounded of the military forces, or who have performed some exceptional act of bravery at their post of duty. The Crosses are issued unnamed. There is provision for promotion from Associates of the Royal Red Cross to Members of the Royal Red Cross. The ARRC is in frosted silver rather than the gold of the RRC, but is otherwise the same.

Abbreviations of Service:

ANS: Army Nursing Service

PCANSR (Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service (Reserve)

QAIMNS: Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

QAIMNS(R): Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve)

QARANC: Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps

TANS: Territorial Army Nursing Service

TFNS: Territorial Force Nursing Service