Name Status Service Age Date of Death Location of Grave/ Memorial Grave Additional information References
JACK, Christina Sister QAIMNS(R) 35 22 Oct 1918 UK Thurso (Mount Vernon) Cemetery H.222 Daughter of Donald Jack and his wife Margaret Loullit of 61 Princes Street, Thurso Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JAMES, Winfred May Sister QAIMNS 26 8 April 1946 India Madras War Cemetery, Chennai  7. E. 7. Daughter  of Teresa Mary Jones, of Hereford. S.R.N. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JAMIESON, Jessie Smith Staff Nurse TFNS 30 30 December 1918 UK Edinburg (Dalry) Cemetery R. 339. Daughter, of John and Elizabeth Whitton Jameson, of Edinburgh.. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JARMAN, Marie Sister   QAIMNS   12 February 1944  UK Brookwood Memorial  Panel 22. Column 2.    See personal entry
JAY, K. Christine  Sister Queen Alexandras Military Nursing Service for India    12 12 August 1916 India Indian Book Remembrance      Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JINKS, Mary Staff Nurse TFNS 28 29 September 1919 UK Peterculter Churchyard    Daughter, of William and Ann Jinks, of 65 Millgate, Selby, Yorks.. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOB, Marjorie Decima Sister QAIMNS   21 September 1945 South Africa Johannesburg (West Park) Cemetery Mil. Sec. Grave 366.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOBLING, Annie Sister TANS 36 2 July 1943 UK Brookwood Memorial  Panel 22. Column 3. Daughter, of Thomas E. Jobling and Elizabeth Jobling; Stepdaughter of Helem M, Jobling, of Blackpool, Lancashire. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOHNSON, Ada Morrison  Sister QAIMNS 24 24 October 1918 UK Tottenham Cemetery Gen. 7301. (Screen Wall). Daughter of J.H and Mary A. Johnson, of 1, Arthur RD, Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOHNSON, Maud Louise Sister TANS   10 July 1943 Italy Cassino Memorial Panel 13.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOHNSTON, M.H  Staff Nurse QAIMNS   5 September 1915 Egypt Cairo War Memorial Cemetery D. 84.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission
JOHNSTON, Maud Fredaline Sister QAIMNS 30 12 February 1944 UK Brookwood Memorial  Panel 22. Column 2. Daughter of Matthew and Eliza Jane Johnston. See personal entry
JONES, Beatrice Isabel  Chief Matron QAIMNS 54 14 January 1921 Iraq Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery VIII. L. 11. Nightingale International Medal. Daughter of William Bolton Jones and Alicia, his wife, of Wallasey, Cheshire. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
JONES, Gertrude Eileen  Sister QAIMNS(R) 31 10 April 1917  France Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Harve "Salta" Memorial.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
JONES, Lilian Hilda  Sister QAIMNS 32 28 October 1918 UK Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery  General K. 5. 7. Daughter of Louisa Jones, of "Fairlight," 13, Valencia Rd. West Worthing, Sussex. Born at New Southgate, London.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
JONES, Mavis Joy  Sister QAIMNS 24 2 June 1946 Singapore  Kranji War Cemetery  27. A. 7. Daughter , of William Griffiths Jones and Beatrice Winifred Jones, of Cathays, Cardiff. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
JONES, Violet Maud Evelyn  Principal Matron  QAIMNS 51 14 February 1942 Singapore Singapore Memorial  Column 113. Daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Jones. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KEARNEY, I M  Sister QAIMNS   26 September 1916 Iraq Basra War Cemetery  V. R. 14.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KEARON, Anna Marjorie  Sister QAIMNS   12 September 1943 Ireland, Republic of Arklow Cemetery Grave 70. W. on Border N.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KELLS, Maggie Jane Sister QAIMNS 32 12 February 1944 UK Brookwood Memorial  Panel 22. Column 2. Daughter of William Kells and of Mary Anne Kells, of Milltown, CO. Cavan, Irish Republic. See personal entry 
KELLS, Winifred Evelyn Sister QAIMNS 23     Brookwood Memorial  Panel 22 Column 2. Daughter of William Kells and of Mary Anne Kells, of Milltown, CO. Cavan, Irish Republic. See personal entry 
KELLY, Elizabeth Sister QAIMNS   3 September 1940 India Kirkee War Cemetery 3. G. 6.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KEMP, CMF Staff Nurse QAIMNS   4 July 1918 Iraq Basra War Cemetery  III. T. 2.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KEMP, EM Sister TFNS   20 October 1917 France Godewaersvelde Bristish Cemetery I. M. 1.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KENDALL, Rose Elizabeth Sister QAIMNS 31 26 February 1918 UK Hollybrook Memorial Southampton    Daughter of the late Alfred Kendall  Commonwealth War Graves Commission
KERR, MT Staff Nurse TFNS 31 17 January 1915 UK Ardrossan Cemetery S. A. 18. Daughter of the late Alexander Kerr and of Annie Kerr.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission
KING, Marie Penrose Sister QAIMNS   16 June 1947 Nigeria Jos (St. Piran) Churchyard Grave 130.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KIRBY, Ellena Fanny  Sister QAIMNS 23 15 February 1946 Egypt Tel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery 6. M. 2. Daughter of William Frederick and Georgina Fanny Kirby, of Amesbury, Wiltshire. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
KITT, Betty Sister QAIMNS 25 18 March 1945 Bangladesh Maynamati War Cemetery  3. B. 16. Daughter of Bertram and Lily Kitt, of Tavistock, Devon Commonwealth War Graves Commission
KNIGHT, Grace Louise Sister QAIMNS 44 7 December 1942 UK Brookwood Memorial Panel 22. Column 2.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
LADKIN, Ellen Amelia Sister QAIMNS 40 11 November 1941 Egypt Heliopolis War Cemetery 1. A. 27. Daughter of Ralph Tibbals Ladkin and Ada Ladkin of Southall, Middlesex. S.R.N., S.C.M. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
LAMB, Adeline Sister QAIMNS 54 29 December 1941 UK Swanage (Godlingston) Cemetery  Plot A. Cons. Grave 790. Daughter of Charles and Georgina Lamb Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
LANCASTER, Alice Hilda Staff Nurse TFNS 35 3 June 1918 France Wimereux Communal Cemetery  IV. A. 2. Daughter of Thomas and A.H Lancaster, of the Cliffe, Monk Breton, Barnsley, Yorks.  Commonwealth War Graves Commission
LE BLANC SMITH, Beatrice Sister QAIMNS 31 18 February 1942 Singapore Singapore Memorial  Column 114. Daughter of Frederick Stuart and Gladys Le Blanc Smith, of Wargrave-on- Thames, Berkshire.. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
LEA, Hilda Louisa Staff Nurse QAIMNS(R) 38 10 May 1916 UK Brookwood Memorial H. 177560. Daughter of Samuel and Emma Lea, of Stafford, Staffs. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
LEA, Mary Sister TANS 31 13 September 1943 Italy Cassino Memorial Panel 13. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M Lea, of Lymm, Cheshire. Commonwealth War Graves Commission 
LECKEY, Muriel Emily Sister QAIMNS 32 12 February 1944 UK Brookwood Memorial Panel 22. Column 2. Daughter of Henryand Mary Ann Leckey. S.R.N. See personal entry
LEECH, Barbara Elisabeth Sister QAIMNS 27 12 February 1944 UK

Brookwood Memorial

Panel 22. Column 2. Daughter of John and Louietta Mary Littleton, of Wheyrigg, Cumberland.  See personal entry 
LOWBRIDGE, Harriet Sister QAIMNS   11 February 1943 UK

Birmingham (Perry Bar) Crematorium 

Right Hand Column.   Commonwealth War Graves Commission
LUCAS, Lilian Mary Sister QAIMNS 27 15 May 1947 UK

Westbury Cemetery, Wiltshire

Cons. Plot. Daughter of Joseph Charles and Minnie Lucas, of Westbury. Commonwealth War Graves Commission