Army Nursing Service List

The following table lists the nurses in the Army Nursing Service in 1898

The table draws on information from the Army Lists, Medal Rolls, Nursing Journals, and information in the Boer War Database. They are presented in alphabetical order by surname.

Surname Forename(s) Grade Title Enlistment RRC Army List 18981 Medal Rolls Comments
ADDAMS-WILLIAMS Florence Ellen Superintendent Miss October 1, 1885   Canterbury    
ANDERSON Adela Catherine Letitia Sister Miss October 3, 1894   Rochester Row    
Anderson C Sister Miss     Egypt    
Beare MJ Superintendent       Dublin    
Bloomer CA Sister Miss     Dublin    
Bond Alice Sweeting Sister Miss January 27, 1892   Netley   Sister of Nellie Auger
BOND Nellie Auger Sister Miss March 15, 1897 (Reserve)   Netley   Was serving at Netley in the Reserve

Married in 1898 (Mrs Clarke). Sister of Alice Sweeting

Browne Sidney Jane Superintendent Miss May 20, 1887   Woolwich   Saw active service in Egypt2
Cameron Anna Gardiner Sister Miss June 13, 1891   Egypt    
Caulfield Anne Ellen Superintendent Miss   Egypt, Transvaal   Egypt 18823  
Chadwick Clara Mavesyn Superintendent Miss October 10, 1882   Gosport    
Cole Mary Cecil Florence Kate  Superintendent Miss January 1, 1883 Egypt Chatham    
Cox Elizabeth  Sister Miss July 22 1892   Curragh    
Cox Emily Agnes Sister Miss November 1, 1897   Netley    
De Montmorency ML Superintendent Miss February 7, 1898   Devonport    
Dobbin  Rebecca Rhoda  Sister Miss February 11, 1881   Cork    
Dowse Elizabeth Ann  Superintendent Miss July 1, 1898   Gosport    
Drury Laura Beatrice Alice Sister Miss December 19, 1896    Dublin    
Fletcher Margaret Fanny  Sister Miss April 13, 1891   Aldershot    
Forrest Mina MacLaver  Sister Miss November 16, 1886 Egypt      
Garriock Ann Superintendent Miss July 22, 1889   Woolwich    
Gray  Jane Ann Superintendent Miss September 22, 1884  Zululand Egypt   Rochester Row  South Africa 1877-794
Egypt 18825
Active service in Egypt 1882, Zululand & Ashanti Campaign 18966
Gray  Elizabeth White  Sister Miss May 7, 1897         
Grist  AF  Superintendent Miss October 21, 1886 Egypt Egypt    
Hardement Lyn Superintendent Miss Reserve until 1900    Devonport    
Harper Mary Ellen  Sister Miss April 12, 1889 Egypt Egypt    
Hart Sarah Frances Superintendent Miss February 18, 1893 Egypt Chatham    
Hill Mary Greenfell Sister Miss November 18, 1893     Aldershot    
Hitch Maud Sarah Sister Miss November 1 1890   Aldershot    
Hoadley Jane Sister Miss September 7, 1893   Woolwich    
Holland Eliza Superintendent Miss October 28, 1897    Portsmouth    
Jeffcot MM Sister Miss June 3, 1891   Egypt    
Jerrard Isabela Julia Superintendent Miss September 8, 1882 Egypt Transvaal Curragh  Egypt 18827  
Keer Caroline Helen Sister Miss 19, 1887   Dover    
Kinahan Isabel Anna Gerrard Sister Miss July 1, 1897   Rochester Row    
Knox Marianne Catherine Smith Sister Miss October 1, 1887   Aldershot    
Macintyre RT Sister Miss February 24, 1897   Gosport    
Mackay  LJ Superintendent Mrs January 23, 1886   Egypt Transvaal Egypt    
Makepeace Mary Ridley Sister Miss October 15, 1894   Shorncliffe    
Mark AG Superintendent Miss July 25, 1895 Egypt Malta    
Martin Ethel Jane A/Superintendent Miss August 2, 1893   Colchester    
McCurdy Harriet Sister Miss November 25, 1886   Gibraltar   Ashanti Campaign 18958
Milne  BW Sister Miss     Rochester Row    
Morris EL Sister Miss     Portsmouth    
Murphy Agnes Annie Sister Miss May 23, 1894   Dublin    
Neale Helen Louisa Sister Miss October 5, 1894   Canterbury    
Nixon  Amy Elizabeth Sister Miss October 1, 1894   Woolwich    
 Noble Elizabeth Treacher Sister  Miss   1891   Portsmouth    
Norman Helen Campbell Lady Superintendent Miss November 1, 1889 Egypt  Netley   Suakim Expedition (Sudan) 18849
Oram Sarah Elizabeth Superintendent Miss May 8, 1889 Egypt Dover   Dongola Expedition 189610
Ottley  JE Sister Miss May 12, 1891   Egypt    
Potter Wilheminia Sister Miss November 15, 1897   Canterbury    
Potts Caroline Hutton  A/Superintendent Miss January 6, 1897   Colchester   Ashanti Campaign11
Rose MC Sister Miss     Rochester Row    
Rose-Innes Annie Rose Sister Miss December 6, 1894   Aldershot    
Russell May Superintendent Miss November 15, 1893   Colchester    
Ryan E Superintendent Miss June 18, 1891 Crete Malta    
Sammut AJ Superintendent Miss February 21, 1893   Schorncliffe    
Saunder Gertrude Elizabeth Sister Miss December 27, 1893   Curragh    
Snowden Sellina Ysibella A/Superintendent Miss January 6, 1894   Devonport    
Steele Clara Kathleen Sister Miss September 1, 1896   Cork    
Steen  Lavinia Eliza Caroline  Sister Miss March 13, 1897   Woolwich    
Stewart Louisa Mary Superintendent Miss December 16, 1889   Gibraltar Egypt 188212  
Tait Alice Emily Sister Miss April 18, 1896   Woolwich    
Thomas Martha Superintendent Miss November 10, 1885 Egypt Aldershot    
Tripp Dorcas Douglas Sister Miss October 6, 1894   Chatham    
Tulloh Louisa Watson Sister Miss September 18, 1887   Woowich   Assouan (Sudan) 18893
Vaughan Sarah Blanche Superintendent Miss July 1, 1889   Gibraltar    
Webb  Sarah Emily  Superintendent Miss October 8, 1898 Egypt Egypt    
Wilshaw Sarah Lucy Sister Miss October 6, 1887 Egypt Egypt    
Wilson Janet Walker Sister Miss July 1 1895   Malta    
Wilson Mary Sister Miss October 12, 1897   Netley    
Wright E Superintendent Miss November 14, 1889   Gibraltar    
Wright María Sister Miss June 20, 1889   Malta    
Beck Ethel Mercy (Mary) Sister Miss March 6, 1899   Joined after11    
Body Edith Sister Miss December 11. 1898   Joined after    
Browning Sophia Margaret Sister Miss May 8, 1899   Joined after    
Culverwell Lucy Matilda Sister Miss April 4, 1899   Joined after    
Guthrie Alexina Sister Miss March1,1898   Joined after    
Harding Mary Ethel Sister Miss March 3, 1898   Joined after    
Maclean Edith Sister Miss September 1, 1898   Joined after    
Magill Georgina Adeline Sister Miss May 1, 1899   Joined after    
Mark Martha Sister Miss October 10, 1898   Joined after    
Palmer Dorothy Frances Sister Miss  February 28, 1898   Joined after    
Phillips Grace Marguerite Sister Miss August 21, 1899    Joined after    
Pocock Hilda Francis Sister Miss May 11, 1899   Joined after    
Todd Lucy Mary Sister Miss March 6, 1899   Joined after    
Todd Edith Mary Elizabeth Sister Miss June 23, 1898   Joined after    
Young Henrietta Sister Miss March 1, 1899   Joined after    

Sister Jane Gray

an example of a nurse in the ANS who served before and during the Boer War…

Although Keiron's research shows that few of the nurses that served in the Boer War had any military experience, there were some who had experience of military nursing in Africa as well as other parts of the world. At the start of the Boer War Sister Jane Gray was the Matron of the Guards Hospital, Vincent Square, London. She was the senior nurse in the service having entered the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley in 1873 after training at the Royal Infirmary, Liverpool.

She served in the Zulu War, and in the first Egyptian Campaign in 1882, in a hospital less than 12 miles from Tel el Kebir. She was away from home for nearly four years as she followed the Gordon Relief Expedition up the Nile and nursed soldiers at Wadi Haifa during a cholera epidemic.

In 1896 she was one of the three Sisters (Sister McCurdy and Sister Potts being the others) who went out to the Gold Coast on the HS Coromandel. Superintendent Sister Sidney Browne (later to be the first Matron-in-Chief of the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS)) gave her a bouquet of chrysanthemums. The sisters on the Coromandel had no wounded to deal with as this was a bloodless campaign, but had many soldiers to care for, who had malaria.

So by the start of the Boer War she had seen service in Egypt and Sudan, the Zulu War, and the Ashanti campaigns on the Gold Coast. 


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