Lilian Robinson: Autograph Book Page 2



Lieut. Taunton 2nd Monmouths. Lt. Baird R.,B. 2nd Batt.
Lieut. Dart 2nd Monmouths. Cpt. Godolphin-Osborne 3 R. Brigade died
Lieut. Hockaday 2nd Monmouths. Lt. Sparrow S.W.B. died
Lieut. Power 2nd Monmouths. Lt. Richardson R.B
Cpt. John   Lt. Garrett H.A.C.
Cpt. Leeson D.C.L.I. Col. Alexander R.B. - died
Lt. Pelham 11th Huss. Cpt. Might 4th Buffs
Cpt. Neville R.E. - died Lt. Parry-Jones 1st R. Fus.
Col. Ludlow A.A.& G.M.G. Cpt. Wilson 1st A.S.High.
Lt. Tunbury 2nd Lancs. Cpt. Cooke 16th F. Amb. R.A.M.C.
Lt. Sowter 2nd Sherwood Foresters Lt. Robb 16th F. Amb R.A.M.C.
Cpt. Saurin 3rd Yorks. Lt. MacCurrick 1st Middlesex
Lt. Morse R.F.A. died Cpt. Roberts A.S.C.
Lt. Small R.F.C. Cpt. Anderson Seaforths
Lt. Prideaux died Lt. Schooling 5th Middlesex
Cpt. Royle R. Scots. Cpt. O’Connor R.E.
Cpt. Cole H.A.C. Lt. Turnbull, D.R. 1st Gordons
Lt. Forman-Smith North. Fus. Cpt. V. H. Watkins, D.S.O. 2nd Monmouths. 16 Jan - 25 Jan. Died 20.2.15
Lt. Tulloch R.A.M.C. Lt. Prideaux-Burne 1st R.B.
Cpt. Viney 1st Leicests. died Lt. Passe R.D.F. died 2.2.15
Cpt. de Crespigny 3rd Essex Lt. Cosgrave, K. D.S.O. M.C. Rifle Brigade died
Lt . Col. Heywood 6th Chesh.    
Gen. Maud      
Lt. A. C. V. Prendergast 1st Hants.    

Explanation of Abbreviations

2nd Monmouths = 2nd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment

H.A.C. = Honourable Artillery Company

1st R. Fus. = 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers

D.C.L.I. = Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

North. Fus. = Northumberland Fusiliers

1st A.S.High = 1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

11th Huss. = 11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)

R.A.M.C. = Royal Army Medical Corps

16 F. Amb. R.A.M.C. = 16 Field Ambulance RAMC

R.E. = Royal Engineers

1st Leicests. = 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment

1st Middlesex = 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment

2nd Lancs. = 2nd Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment

3rd Essex. = 3rd Battalion, Essex Regiment

A.S.C. = Army Service Corps

2nd Sherwood Foresters = 2nd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

6th Chesh. = 6th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

2nd Seaforths = 2nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders

3rd Yorks. = 3rd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment

1st Hants. = 1st Battalion, Hampshire Regiment

5th Middlesex = 5th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment

R.F.A. = Royal Field Artillery

R.B., R. Brigade = Rifle Brigade

1st Gordons = 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders

R.F.C. = Royal Flying Corps

S.W.B. = South Wales Borderers

R.D.F. = Royal Dublin Fusiliers

R Scots. = Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)

4th Buffs. = 4th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)